• No it would just cause upset and arguments,plus tit for tat would go on DR people who DR you:)
  • I think a reason should be given, I agee with the point about identification though.
  • yes i do think so! Or at least give a reasin why they gave you a negative rating
  • I don't care really. So...
  • Sometimes you can tell by their comments. But this AB, almost everybody is opinionated. You have to like that, otherwise this is not the forum for you.
  • it would be nice but "should" is kind of a dirty word in a free society. If doing things behind my back makes them feel good, they are already in position to kiss my ass. I would guess that most of the people who downrate me are people who are too fuckin' stupid for me to want to have a convo with anyway.
  • I think so... that would cut out alot of the nonsense reasons....:)
  • Yes, but who cares. I have asked this question several times and mostly it goes nowhere. A couple of things to remember is the points mean nothing and those spineless cowards that have nothing to do with their lifes but down rate others get some thrill from doing so we are helping out some with special needs. +5
  • Yeah, cuz you wanna know why the disagree. I always leave a little note...and say, well...I dont get it, that didnt make sense...or what the? Sometimes I might not, only cuz I really have nothing to say...cuz the answer just really made absolutely no sense.. When its like a derogatorive answer to a question that didnt even need an answer like that to begin with. But I get Dr'd all the time with no reason...Plus everyones got their trolls...that just Dr ya cuz they dont like you...and wanna see your points drop.
  • No. Its the way this game is built. No discussion.
  • My personal Again, my personal opinion, DRer's are nitwits who have a tendancy for "ugliness". Back and forth ugly arguments between ABer's would just make the site less friendly than it is...and some would get into a retaliation thing. I think AB is really smart not allowing DR's to affect one's score. Essentially, they are meaningless to the DRed. So, go ahead and DR me. I couldn't care less...and if you want to start an argument, I won't respond, because I don't want to diminish our enjoyment of our site. I like the AB Family friendliness. +5
  • Personally I think this question should be put to rest. It's been around in various incarnations since the beginning. The simple answer: No. People can choose to comment or not. There is NO obligation to justify ones DR, just as there is no obligation to identify/justify a Positive rating. Indeed, just by giving a DR one IS expressing an opinion. Lastly, there is a system in place to prevent abuse of the DR. Trolls will be punished....
  • Yeah I think that it is only right, I can understand why they wouldn't want to though - generally because the person who does it is doing it out of a matter of opinion and knows they would look stupid for admitting to DR'ing an opinion. I don't care if I get DR'd anymore I notice that as soon as somebody downrates me, the next person puts it back up for me =)

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