• Their house, their rules. If they don't like it, they can get a hotel room. (I'm 26, and my parents have the same rules.)
  • her house, her rules
  • Kudos to your Mom!! Her house, her rules
  • Yep, her house, her rules. If your brother and his GF don't like it, they can get a hotel room.
  • nothing in life is fair, asking if something is fair wont solve anything. your mom is probably just trying to set an example for the kids in the house. fair or not, her house her rules, they can always go elsewhere, they are guests in her house. besides, do you really think they actually follow the rule? they probably just sneak into each others rooms at night, cause no one will know if your mom at least gives them their privacy. my mom has the same rule for me and my gf but we always ended up sleeping together anyways :)
  • It is fair. It's fair because your mom owns the house and has the right to decide what happens in it. It may not be wise, because it can create problems between your mom and your brother, and because it's rather naive to think it's stopping your brother and his girlfriend from having a sexual relationship.
  • Her house her rules yes sounds fair to me
  • Yes. They pay the bills, this is their home. We must respect other peoples space, just as we expect to have our rules respected.
  • If anyone comes into my house as a guest, I have the right to say that you cannot smoke cigarettes, cigars, or pipes while you are here---without having to defend or even explain why I have that rule. Same for drugs or walking around nude even if you always do it in your own home Notice that my reasoning so far has nothing to do with being fair. Being fair at all times to everyone else.while they are in my house with me is not an obligation on my part. If they don't like the conditions I impose, they are free to stay elsewhere. That doesn't mean that I would never allow it under any circumstances, but it would be a resonable exception (my judgment) if I did.
  • Seems perfectly fair to me, it's her house so she decides the rules. If it was me and there over 18 then let them share a bed. They've adults? What's the big deal. When i brought my bf over to visit when I was in college, my parents had no problem having him sleep in my room. My dad just made him mow the lawn and wash the cars lol!

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