• Computers cannot take the place of humans! So pablo picasso is right!
  • I agree...what computer can reason. IF there was a devastating disease (epidemic or pandemic i forgot which one) then the computer's answer most "Logically" is let the humans die off it is more efficient. But a human has integrity and wants to solve. one word "intelligence" Ever see I. Robot?
  • They are the stupidest things i know.
  • Computers can be useful beyond description, but, as in all things human, egos, greed, anonymity, crack-pots, truly evil people, etc., can take advantage of the device. One example: ask one's self what drives the hackers? Consideration of others?
  • Consider the source of that quote. That is an artist's perspective. Of course I disagree. For me, it is a wonderful social gathering place..I am talking specifically about Answerbag, of course...people interacting with one another..sometimes giving answers, sometimes asking questions, sometimes sharing personal feelings, aspirations, dreams..sometimes making you laugh, cry, or think about life. If it were simply limited to receiving answers, it would be no better than going to an encyclopedia, dictionary or taking a class. I don't know how active or knowledgeable Picasso was, but I wouldn't take his opinion about the value or usefulness of a computer any more than he should take my opinion about the value or usefulness of his "art"! :)
  • a/k/a GIGO = garbage in garbage out
  • The computers that would have existed in Picasso's day were HUGE and not for personal use. His perception probably would have been a lot different had he been able to view his own art online like we can now. Many artists tend to be flippant about things that dont effect them personally.
  • Picasso's dates were 1881 to 1973. He was not exposed to personal computers or the Internet as we know them today. If he had seen a computer at all, it may have been a big, expensive mainframe like that pictured below. In the early days, computers were used mostly by banks and insurance companies, for database management and calculating invoices, bills, and insurance premiums. So Picasso was probably right for his time. Many technologies had limited usefulness in their infancy. Try to remember the earliest automobiles, radio receivers, and airplanes you've seen in history books. If those were all you knew, you might make comments similar to Picasso's about the computers of his day. ==============================
  • Very useless, I tried to come to AB with the “Guernica” but I was unsuccessful.(LOL)

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