• Humour diffidently!!
  • Appearance. But it means nothing without the other two.
  • For me, that's like choosing between air, water or food! Gotta have 'em all, no?! ;-)
  • sense of humour.
  • Appearance is more important to me. I have enough intelligence and friends with a good sense of humor. Physical beauty is something that I need in a woman. What I find physically attractive, another wont and vice versa so it's all good.
  • Make me laugh! If a man can keep me laughing till I cry... that's what I want! The funnier he is, the sexier I find him!
  • For me..appearance is never an issue one way or the other. With regard to the other two, each has a caveat...a sense of humor that is cruel is worthless..intelligence that is arrogant is useless. So I think above all else, the most attractive traits are these...kindness coupled with honesty. :)
  • All, why not if you can have it.
  • 1 appearance 2 intelligence 3 humor but should have all 3.
  • Intelligence...if someone is intelligent then they are more than likely a good conversationalist, witty and perceptive (all essenstial traits to having a good sense of humour) as well as smart enought to clean themselves up and look nice.... appearance is great but what good is it to date a pretty face attached to an empty head? Sense of humour is nice but without intelligence, fart jokes and such get old, I prefer witty and sly to dumb humour...
  • What's inside makes a great impact on what makes a person attractive on the outside to me. So I'll go with a sense of humor as it often takes a reasonable amount of intelligence to have a good one.
  • All the three.I would like to re-arrange like Appearance,Intelligence & sense of humor?
  • I think when you meet someone, in a perfect world, you would find all 3..but you can be initally attracted by either quality :O)
  • Sense of humor.
  • They are in order just as you named them. Appearance, sense of humor and intelligence.
  • All 3. And all 3 are relative. However, I should add that having a great sense of humor or intelligent will enhance one's appearance.
  • I'd think demeaner was a big one. Physical attractiveness is great, Humor is awesome and intelligence is important. With appearance, you will only get so far if the rest of you is junk. Without a sense of humor your partner is doomed to a drab existence. A lack of intelligence dooms them to making up for your incapacities. Really, I think they're all important a little less so for appearance.

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