• No, I wouldn't say that's the ONLY reason they exist.
  • That's as good an answer as any. I don't think anybody really knows what they are for. They started changing the rules as soon as the ink was dry and wound up with seemingly no rules at all.
  • The Fed. was supposed to buy the toxic assets (papers) regarding the foreclosed homes, they have not done it and I am sure they won't do it either because the money is not there any more. More and more people are loosing their homes due to foreclosures and to top it off those that were scammed by Madoff have increased the amount of home sales at very cheap prices others are committing suicide. I have a video on two so far known cases about persons who had some parking tickets which were around 20 years old and worth around $5.00 each. The IRS tracked them down and went to their bank accounts and took all these people had in payment for such fines around $ 2,000 per each $5.00 ticket. They have been left penniless. I have videos on this subject. Is this right? The bailouts have had a clear and sound meaning and destination, the reason was to save jobs as the people and the country can not afford more job losses. It seems the said money is being misused to pay the CEOS great amounts of money and in one case it is around 14 million, watch the video. Is this right? How about the authentic reason for the bailouts? I fail to understand what these criminals are seeking, do they want a revolt, riots or civil unrest? If you don't want the links drop me a comment and I will withdraw them immediately.
  • Yes. Each bailout kicks the eventual depression a little further down the road in the dark alley. Pretty soon its gonna hit the wall.
  • I think; your thinking is correct..! I'm computer illerate and struggle to use this thing... I saw your comment about; congress having the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof while I was doing a search on that topic. Your explanation about how to be a terrorist was stunning in my opinion. I'm in pursuit of getting the government to go back to the constitution and want our government to handle our money legally as it should be. I'm interested in asking for your help in this endeavor. please take a look at this site, and please reply back with me. I would really like your email address to simplify communicating with you in this endeavor. here is the web site I'd like your opinion on. my email is your reply would be greatly appreciated... thanks Rich in az.

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