• At this point neutering was just one step for your male. Until your male kitty gets over a year old (and sometimes it takes longer), he will continue to be raucous. I have encountered this many times and it can be a heavy burden for you and your other kitty to bear. At this time allow them to do as they will, hopefully your female will help settle him down by being sedate. You can try tiring him out by playing with him and using string and toys to grab his attention. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't. Hope this gives yo a little insight, good luck.
  • He is trying to be top dog (in a cat way of course) extreme measures could include getting a water pistol and squirting him when he is being naughty. Make sure you are a good enought shot though and don't squirt your female kitty or him in the eyes,or ears.
  • maybe you should give your new cat away so this dont happen

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