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  • not really good stuff, but i guess if you tried you could......but why not just use baby oil??
  • baby oli, almond oil even olive oil can be used, t is better to use the store brand but almost all kinds of natual oils ( no perfume) can be used.
  • My recipe for lube is an imitation of Probe. Probe is unique because it uses grapefruit seed extract as a preservative. Here goes: I make a 17 oz. bottle (old Probe bottle) and dispense it into a smaller bottle for use. Fill half way with (preferably) filtered water, add 2 drops per oz.(34 drops) of NutriBiotic grapefruit seed extract (Vitamin Cottage) include a marble or two, like in a spray paint can to help it mix. Add one tablespoon plus one teaspoon of J Lube powder (the Crypt) on top of the halfway filled bottle, shake, add the rest of the water and shake again, and whala! The J-Lube costs 20 bucks, but a 20 oz. bottle makes a lot, last you for a long long time. The GSE costs about 7 bucks, you can use any bottle that has not been contaminated by drinking out of it.
  • I have tried all kinds of things, Shampoo, Soap and the result is that somne of the lube will be forced inside your penis. This is excruciatingly painful, you will not be able to pee without pain and masturbating is almost impossible. Sometimes of your skin is sensitive it can dry out your skin and make it look leathery and dry. Then you are truely f*****d you will have to go see a doctor and have hour long baths every day for months. I have tried baby oil but this does not give the pleasure i would have hoped. I am still looking for the perfect recipe but i have so far been unsucsessful. Please email me ifanyone has the perfect recipe that is almost lifelike! I would greatly appreciate it! my email is
  • i forgot to mention PLEASE NEVER use shampoo or soap i will feel sorry for you if you have!
  • Don't have to make it - use a good-quality cold-pressed vegetable oil.
    • officegirl
      Try grapeseed oil.

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