• To control pests.
  • No, they do it because it looks nicer. You are the minority.
  • I tried leaving the leaves on the ground one year, and I had to reseed my entire front yard, because the lawn died. In California, wild grasses just die and turn into straw every year, and only lawn type grasses stay green. In some neighborhoods, you can actually be cited for letting your yard go, because of a little thing called CC & R or local ordinances that spell out exactly what is and is not allowed.
  • if you don't mow the lawn the roots of the grasses get bigger and bigger and you end up with a small version of a mountain range instead of a nice flat lawn. It goes clumpy and sometimes you end up with bald patches in it. As for the leaves, I am not sure about that. I don't rake them up but my Mum does. I think she just prefers not to see them. Every year she moans about it and says there are way to many to just leave (get it) and they won't all vanish if she doesn't rake them. However, I never rake any leaves up and we have shit loads every year and they do vanish, all of 'em, so it must just be her not liking to see them.
  • It looks a lot better and in some city's they can give you a ticket for not having it look presentable
  • No I do it because that is what "I" like. You don't find it attractive and there are others that do. So we do it our way and you do it your way and we both keep our mouths shut. :):):)
  • possibly. I mow mine cause I'm sure the neighbours want me to! :D
  • Maybe these people enjoy the look of a trimmed sparse expanse of green! And maybe. just maybe it's not about conforming. Instead about an individual's notion of aesthetics.
  • Because if you don't the Code Enforcement Brownshirts will come and make your life miserable. People 'talk' about keeping the environment natural, but when it comes right down to it, it's all BS.
  • I think it's generally an issue of what others grow up learning you should mow your's a societal mentality. Unfortunately in many municipalities, you can actually get cited for not mowing the lawn, unless you do a good job of actually landscaping it with wild grasses, etc. My advice...if you like the wild grasses and leaves (which are a wonderful, natural mulch that add to your nitrogen content of the soil and help other plants grow) is to landscape using plants native to your region...not only will they survive any periods of drought, they will be beautiful and contribute to the overall wellness of the land you own...healthy soil, healthy plants...and they will generally be pest resistant because they have natural immunities due to evolution of the plants in your area. :) It's not just adding beauty to your home, it's great for the environment.
  • I also enjoy the way the wild grasses look, and considering the amount of petroleum that is wasted yearly by the 2 stroke lawnmowers (which are more polluting than 10 cars on an annual basis)mowing your lawn is something that I feel is kind of silly. The pros are that your lawn stays very flat because the root masses do not grow large enough to accompany the tall grasses, and it does not as easily harbor bugs and other pests. Some may consider less bugs healthy but im not of that mindset. At my home, I mow the lawn once monthly or longer, bag the clippings, and compost them to feed next years vegetables. It is better to harness the nitrogen of the leaves and grasses than to just bag the stuff up in plastic and throw it away. That is just ridiculous, and shows that people do not understand the nutrient cycle which this planet operates on.
  • 5-29-2017 Love is when you are aware of a need and you take care of it. If you love your car you wash it and change the oil and stuff. If you love your clothes you keep them folded in a drawer or hung in a closet. If you love your home you cut the grass and wash the mud off the walkway. The reward is that you have a nice car and clean clothes and people see that you take care of things.

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