• God Bless him. My children could not have gone to college without the grants.
  • I thank God and Mr. Pell for my Pell grants!!!!
  • That is sad news. May he rest in peace. Former Rhode Island Democratic Senator Claiborne Pell died last night at age 90. He's best known for authoring the legislation that created the college financial aid grants that bear his name. He was also for many years one of the Democrats' leaders on foreign affairs. Pell was a principled and steadfast advocate for fighting and preventing genocide. Pell was from that class of "gentlemen" who have "understandings." Pell's ancestors included numerous politicians and he came from great wealth. But he personified the best of noblesse oblige in domestic affairs, and on foreign matters he rejected the "gentleman's understandings" that left genocides unmentioned because the victims weren't "our kind of people." Pell honored his father's memory by being one of the most dogged advocates for U.S. ratification of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, which was passed by the United Nations in 1948 but which the U.S. Senate didn't ratify until 1988. Pell was outspoken in drawing attention to the genocide perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. And along with Senate Foreign Relations staffers Peter Galbraith and Chris Van Hollen, he helped draw the world's attention to the gassing of the Kurds by Saddam Hussein. In 1988 he pushed for sanctions against Iraq for Saddam's genocidal policies against the Kurds, but business interests in the U.S., working with the Reagan administration, helped kill the bill (with the active connivance of Democrats Dan Rostenkowki and Dante Fascell). Senator Pell is survived by his wife of 64 years, Nuala O’Donnell Pell. My condolences go out to her and the entire Pell family.
  • Without him I never would've been able to go to college. Thank you, Senator Pell!
  • Hmm! Was he a democrap?
  • Hmm! Was he a democrap?

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