• 1st Law: Conservation of Energy -- energy can be converted from one form to another (especially between work and heat) but neither created nor destroyed. 2nd Law: Increasing entropy -- in a closed system the entropy (amount of randomness or disorder) tends to increase with time. This explains why heat flows spontaneously from warmer bodies to colder bodies and not vice-versa, and why any mechanical system inevitably runs down without an input of energy. These two laws can be expressed wryly as: (1) You can't win; and (2) You can't even break even.
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  • Don't play with matches or you'll pee the bed? No, wait! I know this! Don't play with matches if you don't want to get burned! No, I'm getting something smokey... I GOT IT! "Only you can prevent forest fires!" Smokey the Bear, Smokey the Bear, prowling Rowlin growling and a sniffing in the air he can spot a fire before it starts to Flame! That's why they call him Smokey and that's how he got his name.

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