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  • Fake. I'm a Scorpio, my wife a Gemini. Of course those two are highly skeptical signs ; )
  • many great scientists and thinkers have studied and espoused astrology ~ carl sagan, johannes kepler, ben franklin, galileo galilei, aristotle, plato, to name a few. many asian cultures have deeply rooted astrological beliefs ~ sometimes they wont marry if the signs are incompatible. for me, its real. i dont pay any mind to daily horoscopes in the paper ~ thats just hogwash. but i pay attention to lunar cycles ~ they affect me alot. and i take note of major planetary influences. i have seen many astrological patterns in my relationships with others and events in my life coinciding with planetary alignments. i think natal charts are very interesting. i am a leo with gemini moon and i am most attracted to aries, sagittarius and gemini. now would i bet the farm on it? no. i like empirical evidence. but, i dont discount it either.

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