• All the time. I didn't think they were stupid. Just that I was right or knew more about what mattered in MY life at the time!
  • I'm 20 and I still think like that most of the time....but I love my parents.
  • i knew everything and did all the crazy stuff i could possible.
  • Ok I am a teen right now and to be honest, Yes. I think that but I hold my tounge a lot out of respect, unless they are making themselves look awful stupid...
  • Yes, I did when I was a teen... I think almost all teens do. Now that I am older I realize just how much my parents actually knew and that the things they did were in my best interest.
  • Yup! It's true I did, I did not ever see them as stupid though because of the respect that i have always had for my parents and always will. It's just a faze i went through because like most teens i was kind of rebellious. It's difficult being a teen. But hey you grow out of it, i guess and than realize how stupid you really were.
  • My parents were both brilliant people who did a lot of stupid things and made a lot of mistakes because they were learning as they went. However, I realize now how much I tested them as a child, but they both think I turned out pretty well and I have the utmost love and respect for both of them. Even though I'm 27 they have the unbelievable capacity to both annoy and embarrass me. (Hmm...maybe they're more clever than I thought.)
  • I know now that everything my Mother taught me was true. She was very smart, articulate and intelligent. One thing I always did was respect her wishes and listen, when she spoke. I never listened to my father because he never said one intelligent sentence in his entire life.

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