• Absolutely agree. :) I always find that I love people because of their imperfections, not despite them. Merry Christmas, Misstarrie. :)
  • Tough one some people spend there lives looking for the person that is right for them. We are attracted to a person who is most like ourselves threfore when you see the imperfections you realise that they are similar to yours therefore you are used to them.
  • Agreed of course but would add that accepting that person for everything they are and not for the changes we hope they will go through.
  • Agreed . And we come to love their imperfections, just the same way and with the same intensity as we love them :)
  • Agreed. One who is looking for the perfect person will never find them. Until they realize that we are all imperfect and can accept that in themselves as well as in others they will never find what they are really searching for.
  • I'm not sure what those words actually mean, Misstarrie. Here is what I know. No one is perfect. When you meet someone whose quirks become more endearing and less annoying as you get to know him, you know that you love him. That's how I knew I loved Jim. My normal pattern was to get more annoyed with the idiosyncracies of someone and thus the relationship was doomed as far as I was concerned. I do not see Jim "perfectly"...unless that means that I see him as he is and love him as he is. Happy Tuesday! :) ((hugs))
  • I agree, almost completely, with your statement. Looking for the "perfect person" is a futile quest. Looking for the "perfect person for you" is more realistic.
  • "True perfection has to be imperfect; I know that that sounds foolish but its true"

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