• indeed. i also found it a bit odd that in this country a girl can walk around short shorts and a tank top boobs hanging out and nobody says a word but man when she's got everything covered she's considered a prude and - heaven forbid her hair is covered - she's at risk of being called a terrorist lol as far as sex goes, this culture is very pick and choosy about what's acceptable and what's not . *edit* as long as people have made their choice one way or the other and they aren't hurting me, it really isn't any of my business.
  • Nope. Frankly, I don't have a problem with other peoples' sexual choices, as long as their partners are willing. Violence concerns me. Perfect little Puritan christian household doesn't allow any mention of sex in their household, but they have no problem beating their children for minor offenses. THAT is odd.
  • I find that very odd and a bit scary to be honest. I guess I am old fashion. I just can't have sex with someone I don't love.
  • The way I see it, sex can be emotional or unemotional, it's up to the two people involved. But the term "I love you" is emotional, no question about it. It's much more of a commitment then sex.....At least for some people. Do I find that odd though? Meh, not really. Do I think sex should have more of an emotional attatchment? I don't know, honestly. Everyone is different. If banging someone with no connection makes you happy, I say bang away. I know I would have sex with someone before saying "I love you" to them. But I do need some sort of connection or spark there. At least a strong possibility of a relationship forming.
  • Well, not really. You see, occasionally in our society people have sex with those with whom they are not in love. :o) If it makes it sound better, you can add "yet" at the end of that sentence. lol
  • Yeah I do think that's backward.
  • Thank you, someone else who thinks that! Yes I find it not only odd, but totally backwards! Sex is suppose to be making LOVE.... which you figured is cause they love each other and certainly you should be able to say it, before commiting the phyiscal aspect of it. but then again I am old fashion!
  • Yeah for sure. That's why I don't really like to jump straight into going all they way. Plus if you let it build up for a while then it makes the first time amazing!
  • I think i see this scenario on TV too often, but in real life not so much. I think it's a bit odd, but with the growing separation of sex into an act for pleasure and an act of intimacy, it doesn't surprise me. personally, i would not have sex with someone unless i loved them.
  • When you say "sexual relationship," do you mean boyfriend/girlfriend that are physical? Or do you mean people that just get together and have frequent casual sex? Either way, I don't think it's odd. Many people have sexual partners that are strictly sexual, that doesn’t necessarily mean they love each other. I'm not saying it's the right thing, but I don't see it as being odd. I also don't think people should say "I love you" just because they are together and being physical, but if you truly do love them, tell them. It's something you say to someone when you truly feel it, not just to say it. I also don't think there is such a thing as too soon. If you feel it, you feel it, and I don't think time is a factor.
  • It's part of the "Test Drive" Mentality
  • Actually, I do. Why? Well, I don't see how a person could have sex with someone he or she does not love unless he or she is a selfish person who only cares about satisfying his or her lust....
  • It is due to our growing desire as a society to be able to have an uncommitted sexual relationship. For weal or woe the age of communications has and is continuing to alter society at an ever increasing speed. People are finding who they want and admitting what they want them for, and under which conditions. Sex is fun for both people involved, if done properly, so people like to do it.
  • yaa thatss a bad habit... what did he tell u i love u or not yet ?
  • It's not only odd but very sad. Just the other day, a woman posted a question about having sex with a man and then hoping because he said some nice things to her afterward that it might mean he had feelings for her. No sense that perhaps those feelings should have come first. Something very wrong with that.
  • Not when you are considering the same society that posits that men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. That type of thinking has us all "alienated" from taking love naturally.
  • Yes. I never thought of it like that. But I have a penis so I don't notice things like that.
  • I think too many people don't know what "love" actually is about. Our culture (TV in particular) shows us a skewed view of love where people are always beautiful and happy all the freakin' time, when in actuality everyone is different and in varying degrees of attractiveness inside and out, which leads to conflict. If people don't know themselves enough, I don't think they can truly say they're in love. Knowing oneself in part means knowing who you are and what you want, both from yourself and from someone whom you'd want to be close to you. You can have two people be in lust and be very passionate for a while, but eventually when the hotness cools off, what's left? If there is love, there will be some passionate magma under the surface keeping the relationship toasty, and there will likely be feelings of missing one another when apart and maybe wanting to do special stuff for the other based on who they are and what they like. If there isn't, the relationship might become stale, and interactions might turn into those almost like you'd have between strangers in a coffee shop or something, or you might find yourselves paying more attention to the computer or to other diversions. Regarding your original question, in our society no I don't think that's odd at all, since while some people may be probing (heh) for love, I'm sure many others just want the sexual gratification. Love is a greater investment, for some maybe too much of one.
  • It is odd and this is a great question
  • Welcome to the Y Generation!
  • "I love you" is a special commitment to another person and should not be said until the feelings are real. Going back only one generation, there was a general feeling that sex should be only between a couple that had made the promise of love and were either married or soon planned to be. That faded away along with Ozzie and Harriet and today there is almost 30% of our population that will never be married and another 30% that will marry, but only for a short time. Given the fact that approximately 60% of adults are currently single, it has become more acceptable to have casual sex, some living together as room mates, some in "friend-with-benefits" relationships, and many just accepting the reality that a "love" relationship is not necessary for a good and healthy sex life. At some time during 2002, the number of single females between the ages of 15 to 70 went above the number of married females for the first time in U.S. history. That one fact alone, made the "Abstinence-Until-Married" program in the schools totally meaningless. I wish it were not that way, but it is.
  • i find it horidly nasty but i dont belive in sex before marriage.
  • Before there was language people didn't have to say three certain words before engaging in sex. Love can be expressed in other ways, such as sexual/non-sexual intimacy.

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