• Queen Oasis Event=Brilliant
  • iv'e been to a LOT of concerts, the worst concert was when i was 15 years old; it was motley crue. my friend and i were pressed up against the stage, they sounded okay but then we noticed that they weren't even trying to sing, they were shouting f#%k you at each other and it looked as though they were going to come to blows. it sucked so we left about an hour early. the best concert iv'e been to was korn. i expected them to be good, but they were awesome! the light man knew what he was doing, they sounded wonderful, it was just great.
  • "Chicago" - I met the band before they became famous. Walter Parazaider - a member of the band that played saxophone, flute and clarinet - had a sister that lived next door to me in Chicago for awhile. She was much older than me - I was only sixteen. She took me to a club called "Mr B's" to see them - I was underage. I'll never forget it. I danced, talk to Chicago and drank martinis because I had no idea what drink to order.
  • AC/DC- the drummer was wonderful Heart- just like on tape Fricken A- a new rock n roll group, very good! And I went to see Kenny G.......he was out of this world. Front row center.. I've always been to, school and now I teach. haha
  • Many! From the early Stones to Paul Simon and a lot of others.
  • Too many to list but I can tell you that I went to Woodstock, The Celebration of Life, Stones, Mattalica, Foghat, James Gang, Deep Purple, and many many more during the 70's. Every weekend I was at a concert for years. Even slipped in Elton John and a few other alone the way.
  • I saw the Beatles live twice in Chicago in the mid-60's. It was surreal!
  • I actually looked up the first festival I ever went to as I couldn't remember the full line up, and discovered that I had seen KISS live there, which I have absolutely no recollection of.....I've seen quite a lot, too many to list/remember, especially at festivals, but they include AC/DC, Manic Street Preachers, Radiohead, Black Grape, Oasis, Metallica, Spiritualized, and many more.
  • Fleetwood Mac-1986 and 2003 Santana 1978 Gratefull Dead 1995 (the same year Garcia passed away) U2- 1996 Madonna 2008 Rolling Stones 1996 Shakira 2003 Eric Clapton 1996 Sinatra -2002 Billy Joel/Elton John 1995 and a few more.I work behind the scenes when bands come to the city.
  • Pantera Megadeth Metallica Stone Temple Pilots Dog Fashion Disco Faith No More God Lives Underwater Nine Inch Nails My Life With The Thrill Kil Cult Depeche Mode 2 Skinnee J's Testament Judas Priest Overkill Flotsam and Jetsam Alice in Chains Janes Addiction Soul Coughing The Melvins to name a few I can remember off the top of my head. Not sure I could pick a favorite, all the shows were good...Pantera may have been one of the best, I had a bandmate that owned a record store and got to hang out with the band for a couple hours after an autograph signing they did before the show that night.
  • Blondie-outdoor stage Chicago Elvis Hitler-Chciago (I thought they had broken up a few years earlier. Australian guy at the concert said that he postponed his trip back to Australia when he heard they were playing) Chili Peppers-outdoor concert, Chicago area Steepwater-Wooden Nickel(Indiana), Crawdaddy's (Harvey, IL), A couple venues in Chicago Spinal Tap--inflatable stonehenge Cheap Trick-twice (once at Taste of Chicago) Bottle Rockets -Metro in Chicago Hole- (Chicago) Good music, but in between songs Courtney Love was annoying Rockin Bill & the Wild Coyotes (varous venues) Rolling Stones-Soldier Field My Scarlet Life-(various venues)

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