• No, my husband does it all the time. In fact, when he gets angry he whispers.
  • I take it as an opportunity for enrichment; I carefully consider their words then tell them to go f*** themselves.
  •'s just that they think on a differnt bandwidth level...i believe everyone is entitled to having their own views. Cheers!:)
  • Not hardly. Whether it is a social opinion or professional, I respect the fact that we are individuals and each have different perspectives due to our own experiences and education.
  • I try to understand an opposing point of view when it is presented reasonably and respectfully. I know better than to assume I am right 100% of the time. I can settle with a cool 95... LOL!
  • No. Normally when someone disagrees I back up and reexamine. If I find I'm wrong, I'll flat out admit it. If it's purely a difference of opinion, and my opinion is not disproved by their opinion and argument, then I'll stand by it until I either hear an argument I agree with more than my own, or I see facts that disagree with my argument. Res es verum...
  • No, I start thinking about myself that, what is wrong with me? and what I am lacking from? and tries to rectify my shortcomings.
  • I don't think anything's wrong with them. I disagree with people all the time. I would like them to explain more to me so I can understand why they feel that way. Sometimes I see their point of view also. We may not agree, but I understand.
  • Not at all. I think it's a good thing that people don't always agree, especially if they are able to share why in a respectful manner and take the time to help others understand. Everyone is difference, so people just have to disagree at some point.
  • No, everyone is different, I wouldn't want the world to be like that anyways.
  • No, I think the have a different viewpoint.
  • No, I just like to argue with them!
  • oh yeh :P nah, they just see things differently :)
  • No, everyone is entitled to their opinons. as long as like u mentined, they are not being rude.
  • Depends. Sometimes after thinking it over, I think they are way off base, and I say so. Sometimes after thinking it over, I see that I am way off base, and I say so. And sometimes what they say is obscure enough, or I'm worn out enough, that I just leave it alone. This is not any of those times. See what I mean?
  • nope. but i draw the line at someone who never admits they're wrong. or never concedes defeat. they are tiring
  • No. I think there is a difference in opinion which we both have to accept and live with. Had name calling and shouting been involved I would have certainly though that there is something wrong with them and that they are not mature enough to realize that two persons can think differently but still both can be right in their thinking.
  • No. I know there is.
  • Nothing wrong with them. Just wrong.

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