• I think that Elvis kind of morphed "Black" music and "White" music and in a sense built a bridge between the two races.
  • he left the buliding.
  • Rather complicated question, but my answer off the top of my head is this, we are united by him and his name, by that I mean everyone knows Elvis, some more than others but even people who were born after he died know SOMETHING about Elvis, the same can be said about Ali, or the Beatles, hope this is not a muddled answer.
  • He Rocked our World as did a few other's !
  • The world was prude. He showed America how to boogie.
  • What the hell DJ?
  • emotionally, spiritually, fashionably, musicaly, humanitarialy,and made alot of guys go buy a guitar, and girls got a record player.
  • mr.elvis presley energized the rock n roll era. top credits go to sr.julio iglesias but no one has sold more albums than the king.
  • He has effected us through song and his movies. he will forever live on and never be forgotten. I will always remember him from his dance moves, lol a great musician!
  • I agree with answer above, Elvis bridged black and white music. He brought sexuality and sensuality to mainstream rock music and was the starting point of teenybopper youthculture as a major force in a society that previously took no notice of young people. Elvis brought vital change and urgency to American music of the period.
  • Thankyou very much
  • He showed us that as a white performer, you can do black musician's music and take all the credit for it. Elvis Presley didn't not "effect us". Take a look at Public Enemy's song "Fight the Power" as a prime example. The biggest problem of the so-called Elvis profound influence is that they haven't been able to transfer Elvis appeal to people 40 and under, just look at the demographics that visit Graceland heavily most are age 45 and older and while that is not senior citizen, they definitely don't have the very young interested in Elvis (accept those who are grandkids of those diehard fans). IF you look at most of the artists out today, none cite Elvis as an influence and that is a major point as well. Lisa Marie was their last hope and musically she doesn't have a tenth of her daddy's depth so it's going to be a tough road ahead packaging and repacking Elvis to future generations as the larger fans continually die out. Whereas Michael Jackson has always been an international superstar. How many non-Caucasian Elvis fans do you see running around? Not much.
  • Rather, how did he not? He wrote music history. If Elvis had never been born, who would have the courage to step out like that? Listen to 'rock-n-roll' from 1950, then listen to some after 1977. That's how. If it weren't for Elvis, music would not exsist as we know it to today.
  • (this was suppposed to be a comment to flo's answer but i think i wrote too much for the computer to process and post) putting a white face on black music was the only way to get them recognized in that era. no one was going to buy "hound dog" by a black woman so you needed to stick a white, hott face on it and a booty shakin' beat to get it to sell. thats just racist 20th centry politics for ya. most people going to graceland are over 45 because they were the ones to grow up with elvis. they were there to witness the molding of modern music so they have more to relate to. although, there are plenty of young people out there who know of and like elvis in today's day and age. i, being one of them. elvis is a huge influence on nearly every modern singer, they just dont know it because he was like the grandfather of music and daddy forgot to pass the recipe maker's name down the line. michael jackson has NOT always been an international superstar. he was cute when he was black with his original nose, but now he's just a joke. no respect.
  • He was an entertainer, and he did his job well. Other than that he had no effect on me yo...
  • He offended my ears!
  • I don't know if he did "effect" us. What do you mean by that?
  • Not me - I never had the least interest in him.
  • He made many listener's ears bleed. and also taught us to stay away from drugs.

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