• I guess it depends on how mean and for what they are being mean about. If they only appear to be mean because it appears they are having a bad day I try to cheer them up a bit with humor. If they are just being a jerk I will ignore them and move on. If they refuse to let it go then I show them a entirely different side of Wanbli.
  • Avoid them if possible. I wouldn't do anything to get them angrier. I try not to let their meaness be a negative infuence on my mood.
  • For years, this has worked for me......... Shower them with kindness. If this doesn't work, knock their socks off.
  • I try not to be around them, but if someone is mean to me, I walk away.
  • Get as far away as possible.
  • That depends on how they would treat me personally. I have never embraced the "turn the other chick" or "love your enemies" philosophy.
  • i try my hardest to avoid them but if they intentionally prevoke me, i can be a mean person as well.
  • No, it is sweeter to throw them off guard by being kind and thoughtful towards them. Doesn't always work but it sure gets you further than being nasty and doesn't drag you down to their level!
  • Laugh - hard long and loud.If someones mean,they're usually taking themselves too seriously - they hate the laughter - stick it to 'em sideways,so to speak
  • depends on the meanness ~ if its uncharacteristic of the person or it seems like a moment of frustration i might cut the person some slack. humor works or sometimes you just shrug it off like in the case of road rage. we all have our bad days. but if its a repeat offender, no way. serial meanies are unhappy people who are suffering terribly inside and dont know how to release their pain. i feel compassion for their suffering, but i abhor abusive behavior and i do something about it if its egregious or i observe it repeatedly towards myself or others. i find most bullies and really mean people generally recognize and respond to their own type of language and standing up to them is the only way to get them to back down for the long-term. its all about self-awareness ~ and they dont have much. ignore them and they will continue to propogate their hate. holding the mirror up to them is the best way to educate them. ive dealt with some terrible bullies in my lifetime ~ dialogued with some awful multinational corporations for almost a decade ~ and ive had success with them. my approach is to analyze the person, mimic their language ~ some require strong language - others cool logic, stand up to them & educate, back away, send positive loving energy their way in my daily prayers. and once they calm down approach them with kindness. my aim is to heal. it usually works.
  • I can't be around mean people. It's too hard to take.
  • Hmm i guess it depends on the situation and the person, but naturaly im mostly nice to people even if they were mean to me before. I just cant help it.
  • No, I try to be nice.
  • i play along with them. if they act like an asshole, i do too. its just that i laugh while im at it.
  • Ignore them. Not because some may believe that by ignoring a bully or mean person will make them feel stupid or bad, but just to avoid as many problems as possible lol. I'm a wuss, although I've been known to lash out rather viciously towards people who just won't stop. But, that really takes a lot, if I can leave or avoid them somehow, I always do that first. Don't anybody get me wrong though, I don't think I'm a peaceful person, if I had the ability to crush those who harass me, I certainly would.
  • I just kind of discount their meanness. Sometimes I say things like "Now, you don't really wanna be like that." Which just frustrates them, which is more fun than being mean back.
  • treat them like your best friend it confuses them like hell
  • 'Mean people" sounds like a whiny kid's description of another person who is probably just doing his job-not letting you run with scissors-not pulling the fire alarm,etc. If they are truly mean,then avoid them or ignore them as much as possible
  • if i can't avoid them, then i'll face 'em with a smile and hope they'll go away ;)
  • Ah, I deal with them all the time at work. I try to be sweet yet firm with them, you know? I give them good service, but with none of the little bonuses that come with being a nice person.
  • If i see someone being mean to someone else.. i usually call them on there shit.. an tell them they are being mean.. I am also a smart ass to them. or overly nice just to piss them off.
  • " First I have to see that it's ovious and evident that they are mean and then, I'll treat them the same way I feel I'm being treated!!"
  • Depends on their brand of meanness. Sometimes people are mean because they're in a bad mood, other times, just because they're assholes.
  • Nah being mean back, just means you are feeding their fire by doing so, and making things worse. I see a person who is being mean as being unhappy....and feel sorry for them in a way. That and try not to take it personally. I will still be kind to them and not egg it on. PLus I know I haven't always been kind...and have my bad days!
  • i dont, i just try to stay away from them
  • i stay away from them
  • i just stay away from them

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