• He is with you, right? If he wanted a woman with huge breasts then he wouldn't be with you, would he? A persons behavior, in this case his being with you, is always more honest than their words are. If the words match the behavior he is probably being honest.
  • If you can't take him at his word maybe you need to look at your relationship. What it really sounds like is that your insecure about their size. Enjoy the size you are now. Believe me big ones are a real headache and I used to think guys were going out with me for that reason.The key to being happy with your size comes with acceptance of yourself just the way you are
  • It sounds like you're hung up about your breast size. That is just my personal opinion of course. You also say that he would be a pig and have a death wish if he DID indeed hate your breasts and told you about it. So that makes him smart AND nice. Have you considered that he might actually like your breasts just the way they are? I don't see a problem here. Are you trying to find an excuse to get implants or something?!? Go spend your money on something more worthy...
  • You just answered your own question! He proably knows you'd be fairly unhappy if he said 'gee babe, sure wish your tits were bigger!' Although, some guys like small breasts! I know that one first-hand.
  • He hasn't left you.
  • tbh big boobs aint everything, i am more than happy to be with a girl with small breasts coz at the end of the day, they will always stay nice and pert where as big ones always go south!
  • Does it really matter!! It's not like you can change them so just be happy that he accepts you the way you are!!
  • If he tells you he likes your Breast just fine then hes telling you the truth. Yous should belive him unless he shows you other wise.
  • I find it ridiculous you can be thinking of something so trivial when he's clearly sticking with you. Even if he doesn't like your flat rack, that he's happy to be where he is should be all that concerns you.,
  • Post pictures of them from a couple different angles. I'll give my professional opinion.
  • I love small breasts. They're so feminine. Take him for his word.

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