• No, it's not just you. I'm having exactly the same problem for the first time in years
  • Yes my check amount is way lower i live with a tight budget i have completed christmas shopping but its still hard to manage money i will pray for you
  • I am doing better than I ever have....I even paid off my car early...I am credit card free and will soon be debt free... If you can't pay cash, you don't need it that bad.
  • I've always been thrifty and a good saver. So far, my job is in pretty good shape. I've benefited from the sales that the stores have been having with deep discounts. I really feel I can't complain though I sympathize with the plight of those having it worse.
  • Gifts are not Christmas. We are feeling the pinch too, but having Christmas spirit and spend time with friends and family is Christmas in my book. Feel fortunate you can pay your bills!! Merry Christmas!!
  • I'd buy a box of Christmas cards. I'd write a note to someone you want to give a gift to, and tell them that you just can't give it right now. Tell them you'll buy it as soon as you can...and do it. Friends and family who truly love you will understand totally...without a second thought. I wish you a very Merry Christmas...MY gift to you!
  • You are lucky. The economy is in a 'recession' (I think depression). Many people don't even have enough to cover their bills. And it has always been that many elderly or disabled have had to make the decision to buy their meds or eat. Count your blessings.
  • I bet there are a good deal of people out there who would love to have paid all of their bills and have an extra $325 to last them 10 days. I saved all year and watched for sales to get Christmas gifts for family and friends. I'm debt free and only buy what I can pay cash for. I realize that it can be hard if you are used to spending a lot more and now have to adjust.
  • Sheesh, you sound like us. Maybe I have a bit more than 325, but not by much. Xmas shopping used gift certs from 2007 and so far, I don't care about xmas anyways as it has turned crazy (trampled people and all). Yes, the economy is the worst in years and we make no less money, its just that the money we make doesn't go as far as it used to (healthcare goes us $1500 per year with higher deducts).... food is higher priced, utilities are higher, clothes are too expensive (doesn't it make you wonder just what store markups are when you see sales that are 75% off?). I've had to stop going to spa now for about a year and my hair looks like crap and I do my own nails now.... WAHWAHWAH - we whine alot, us Americans.... at least I am not hungry, have a warm roof over my head, and there is still an income. I am blessed, even if my hair looks like crap.
  • You're so lucky
  • Try reading the definitions of "want" and "need" and read into examples really deeply and even if something is a need like a house, doesnt mean you have to have the biggest one or the one with the pool. Those are wants in your need, that you can live without. Eating out every meal of the day blows money. Switch to LED bulbs. take what you've got and organize it so you dont waste money buying something you might already have. Doing some repairs yourself will save a ton of money. You dont need cable you can just watch youtube/ netlfix/ hulu. You can get alarm systems that will notify you, you dont need to pay for ADT or other expensive services. You dont need the premium internet, unless you have a ton of devices or use it for gaming; I've watched Netflix on 12mbps with no rendering problems. Eat your leftover; this will save you from buying a meal every day or so. You dont need to spend a lot on yourself every month. You can have fun without spending money or lower money. Spend money for Christmas based on what you have or save a little everymonth for Christmas. Personally there are a lot of people and I get everybody one thing besides my daughter and gf; just try to put some thought into, like you know them.

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