• Possibly but that doesn't make a great relationship impossible.
  • Yes. Thats probably why I dun let kids read them. They start with my old End Blyton books...all adventure and solving cases...;p
  • Uh ... no. Fairy tales are fiction. Real life supplies information.
  • Only one..Peter Peter Pumpkin eater!
  • Well not me so much,,But ,I can imagine the "And they lived happily ever after " at most ends of fairy tales may give some unrealistic expectations... I bet even cinderella and her prince fought over her buying to many shoes ,,,the fairy God mother in law staying to long . Even the one that turned the frog into a price probably wished at times she hadn't puckered up. The dwarfs probably turned "gay" after losing their sweetheart ,,??
  • no they did not. when I was 22 and met the Prince of Tides I knew we'd be together forever...and every morning when he rides up to my tower on his galloping steed I know what momma said was right.... * but no it didnt.
  • Before I learned it firsthand, everything I know about love (and sex) was learned though fairy tales and pop culture. As they tend not to reflect reality in any way, shape or form, it led to some rude awakenings.
  • Not at all. Romance novels that I got my hands on as a young teen might have though.
  • Oh yeah!!! I thought it would be very different than what it turned out to be.
  • Yes Beauty and the Beast
  • Maybe. But what kid wants to see Snow white and her seven children that were abandoned by their deadbeat dad? Or pinocchio who's penis grew eveytime he told a lie and suffered from schizophrenia instead of having a friend named, Jiminy Cricket-his conscience. I think those stories keep us hopful that there is something beautiful about something that can cause the most pain.
  • Nope, they were just wonderful interesting stories to me. I got some good values I think, about working hard and treating all others no matter how different with respect and kindly. But I never even applied the stories to one gender, like girls were weak and boys got the perks or all stepmothers were bad. They were stories. I always knew about stories.
  • yes indeed. I thought a charming price would take me away and we'd live happily ever after. ha! What a crock!
  • I guess when you are younger and watch those films I guess they can lead you to believe differently but reality soon kicks in :)

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