• Thats so true actually! I've never thought about that! +2 for originality! :)
  • My ex-father-in-law was a bastard. I'll guess most don't say much because the mother-in-law doesn't let them get a word in.
  • I love the f--king son of a bitch !!
  • well, father-in-law is always cool..;P
  • The bride's father's job sometimes seems to be to make sure he doesn't become a father-in-law. At least in movies and TV. It's probably an evolutionary protection of the hereditary genes sort of thing.
  • It's the opposite with me. My mother in law is a sweetheart and a first class human being while my father in law tends to be a f**king a$$hole !!
  • Because there is always tension between women.
  • I only knew one of my father in laws and I thought he was a cool guy!
  • they arent usually as intrusive as their wife. BUT, my ex father in law, OMG, what an ass!!! everytime i got pregnant, he asked my husband "is it yours?" and when i had a babygirl, he told my hubby "see, i told you she was screwing around, we dont make girl babies"
  • My Mother-in-law and Father-in-law are/were both assholes
  • They are the coolest stuffs ! critical remark...
  • I think fathers-in-law tend to see their daughters-in-law as cute and not threatening. Whereas mothers-in-law have jealousies. Some women get really weird about their sons.
  • Good got me on this one.....never thought of it but it is true. Both of my father in laws I got along with well, maybe its because we are men...but both mother in laws.....well lets just say I "put up" with them.
  • I have never personally ever had a problem with my Ex father in law or my current. I think woman or just different about their sons than men are, they aren't so much invovled in the day to day stuff than the mothers of a son or a daughter.
  • Well in my case my father-in-law was the one who created a rift in my relationship .So there you go . I just hate him .
  • Sometimes fil are a pain in the ...also.They get on the nerves, especially if they have served the country!They start by the year so and so I was posted here and then blahblah blah!I just wish someone takes me away from there!The mil just wants to feed and thinks I am starving!LOL!
  • hmmm... Mother-in-laws talk too much and the fathers-in-law has no room to speak...??? hehe... Well, fathers-in-law, by nature; blokes dun observe, assume or judge like women do. So they have little to say. Thus...leaving us nothing to criticize them about. ;)
  • fathers are usually out-laws...
  • My father in law is a bastard that walked out on his family when they were real young! My husband has not seen his father in twenty five years until he got wind that he was a registered sex offender. So he went online and saw a picture of him. He now has a totally different opinion of him, from bastard to asshole!
  • In my experience, fathers-in-law are very relaxed and laid back while mothers-in-law are psychotic and arrogent.
  • My father in law is quite nice, he's a quiet man and have to beat the conversation out of him. But over all, a nice guy :D
  • My father in law was a wonderful man. On his deathbed, he asked me to promise him that I would reconcile with his son. I would've said anything to make him happy although I feel so horrible that I lied
  • o my god that is so true i have problems wit my dad in law hes my fiance step dad hes nice but he tries to get in our relationship he does nt want us together n so far his plans working i hate him right now but i know it will all work out he doesnt realize hes just bringing us closer

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