• Honestly? I believe (not having been through such a thing, mind you) that I would stay with him. Reason being, the person inside doesn't change. He'd still be the person I fell in love with, bonded with, had children with. It would take a lot of soul searching, but I think I'd stay with him.
  • I think I'd have to leave to be honest. I mean he married you under the guise of being a man inside and out, right? No one would expect you to stay, you know. Your off the hook. Some counseling might be in order if you can afford it.
  • Well it depends on what you want. If you want a man that he can't be so why stay and have unresolved issues?
  • I'd stay, just because if I loved a person, it wouldn't matter what gender they were or were going to be. I'd want them to be happy and I'd know that they would have having a difficult time going through the process, probably feel a bit abandoned by a mainly not-understanding-of-trans-issues society, and need support. A good movie about this issue is "Normal". Of course I don't know the specifics, but I wouldn't just dump him because it was an idea that I wasn't used to.
  • If I had to be perfectly honest, I would want to stay. He would still be the person I loved and had kids with. But on the other hand, if he made the full change, that would make me a lesbian, right? I am not sexually attracted to women. I'm not sure what the future would bring, but I would certainly make a go of it out of love and respect for them and our relationship. I think it would make a difference if he were attracted to men, and as a woman if they wanted to be with a man. No matter the outcome, they would still be the person I loved, and would have a close relationship with them.
  • Just follow the Kardashians!
  • You no longer have a partner of such:, you now have a girlfriend, so support him from a distance & find yourself a man/woman...(what is your gender)
  • i probably wouldnt have married him in the first place

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