• No, a lot of the people who hate on Wal-mart are simply elitists. They will buy the same stuff at Target and think of themselves as better.
  • I think that people that think other people are trashy are probably the trash.
  • Mastodon is right. They are only people who think they are better because they haven't had to live off of a small amount of money. Your friend wouldn't say that if he/she had 2 kids and a spouse to support.
  • I think they are economical not trashy.
  • no, I don't think all of them are trashy. I saw some trashy people shopping on Sax Fifth Avenue last weekend....I don't make the connection. Trashy people are everywhere....Walmart is very good for saving money with thier lower prices.
  • I don't think they are, but people assume that all Wal-mart shoppers are low income and look down on them. No matter what a person's income level may be, I think it's smart to save money. Shopping at Wal-mart is a great way to do that.
  • No, of course not. It's interesting that in this weak economy people really appreciate the low prices at WalMart. When times were good, we heard all about how bad WalMart was for not being generous to their employees, for driving the hardest possible bargain with suppliers, etc. etc. When the recession eases, listen for these accusations to arise again - but we're sure not hearing them at present.....
  • No, I don't think that people who are shopping at Wal-Mart are trashy. I think they are smart not to pay more than people shopping in expensive stores and boutiques for the same item.
  • I think Walmart is pretty trashy, but that's not directed at its customers.
  • No,My dad shops at Walmart.everyone i know shops there.
  • It depends more on HOW you shop at Wal Mart, versus the fact that you simply do so. For instance, I go to Wal Mart when I need cheap art supplies, cleaning supplies, or crap for parties (like cups, and spoons, and what not). What I DONT do, however, is show up at Wally World with curlers in my hair, a fanny pack, a "Welcome to America Now Speak English" t-shirt, 300 extra pounds of fat, and 4 screaming welfare-drawing step-children in tow.
  • That statement could have been prompted from those picture emails that are going around depicting all Walmart shoppers as just a few that wear some astonishing clothing. Those clothes are worn at every other place too!
  • Well, considering the trash Wal-Mart sells, maybe they're just dumb. You know, getting the cheapest isn't always good. Wal-Mart stuff doesn't work well, breaks down, and there are many other problems. I'm all for a bargain but junk isn't a bargain. I don't shop there for just that reason.
  • I shop at WalMart and i do not consider myself a trashy person, at all. I will admit i have seen photographs of people wearing thongs and outlandish clothing, but you might have to consider the individual neighborhood, where the store is located.
  • People who go to Walmart are not trashy, they just want to save money when it comes to shopping there!
  • OK, so I just bought 4 seasons of Boston legal at Walmart yesterday for $13. apiece. That's about the price of 1 season at Best Buy or Target. Can I afford to shop elsewhere? Yes, but why should I spend more somewhere else when I don't need to.
  • Some are. Why, cuz I've seen them. (use to work at one for a few years) Most that I've seen aren't tho.
  • no, i think people who shop there want to save some money.
  • There are 3 walmarts within 5 miles of my house in 3 directions. I found my allergy meds there for 4 bucks for 30 pills, everywhere else its almost 15 or 20. I see crazy looking people there but i also see crazy looking people at school or the mall or something so i guess you cant blame walmart
  • People have less and less pride in their appearance, and hygiene as time goes on. I have walked out of Walmart and other stores so as not to have to smell someone's ripe butt as I shopped for food. And who decided sprayin deodarant on without showering first is and alternative to showering. Also when di it become a fashion statement to go shopping in one's pajamas?
  • not at all and its not fair for your friend to judge like that

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