• Dreams are a funny thing....we never know for sure. Maybe it's a fear of your dad dying.
  • i keep having the same dream except about my granmother and it's confusing because i feel like she's alive and im all confused about whether im dreaming or awake and it seems so surreal that it frightens me sometimes. not that i don't wish to see her or her be alive but its just too much for a person to dream...
  • It doesn't necessarily mean anything.
    • Nanker Phelge
      It must mean something, mouse. Everything means something. I don't hold with that "not everything has a meaning" BS.
  • I don't think anything except that you father was an important part of your life. That is a very common dream and I have it too though he has been gone for twenty years. He's just a big part of our conscious/unconscious and always will be.
  • I don't know, but I often see my deceased father in my dreams and he died in 2004. In my dreams he is still alive. Your dream appears to be the reverse of mine.
    • we are dough
      An enim, then.....
  • 12-02-2016 It means you tell yourself stories while you sleep.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Dec.02
  • Nothing~quit worrying. Dreams mean nothing! Dec.02
  • You are asleep.......

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