• Porn Mags
  • The dirt behind my ears
  • A tiny fish from the nearby pond in an ink bottle. I kept it in my table drawer and kept feeding it and changing water till it grew too big for the ink bottle. Then I had to put in a Horlicks bottle. There was no more hiding it. To my surprise my father was all understanding and told me I should have kept it in the bigger bottle in the first place. Then he advised me to release it back into the pond which I did. Same day he bought me an aquarium and a few Angels and Gaurmies and Guppies and Swordtails so that I could share my fascination for fish with the whole family. He did teach me a lesson this way - not to hide anything.
  • My Girlfriend :D
  • Worms in my pocketses.
  • Porn, cigarettes, weed, girls, beer...
  • Candy, it wasnt safe in that house.
  • A baby alligator....boy did I catch heck for that when they did find out.
  • My boyfriend... and one time I kept a hamster (Attila) in my closet for about a month. My parents didn't want me to have one, but after they learned that I had kept and been responsible for it for that long they changed their mind :D It escaped while I was on an overnight trip with my mom. My dad caught him and put him in the bathroom in a beer box not knowing he had a cage in my closet, lol... good times!
  • When I was 15, I bought a pound of marijuana. I used to get ounces and sell joints at school. I finally made enough money to buy a whole pound. I had never done that before. I really underestimated how big the bag would be. Thank God my folks didn't see me come in the house with a jacket on, in the middle of summer. You'd be suprised how fas me and my friends went through it. I thought it would last all year....It didn't. lol
  • Little poops that I collected from the babies around the neighborhood.
  • I lunchtime detenton, it was the first time I got one and I was afraid my parents would tell me off, in the end I got my older sister to forge their names on the reply slip.
  • a tongue bar (in my tongue lol)

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