• Nope. I don't care what people end up becoming when I got to high-school reunions, because I know that they will not care about my job.
  • I don't judge people. I have neither the authority nor the qualifications to make judgments of others - my plate is full just trying to keep my boat afloat. I'm well aware that I feel more of a kinship towards some than others based sometimes on what I think to be logic and other times subjective, emotions. I don't believe their job is ever a reason to feel one way or the other - now how well they do or don't perform; that I would notice.
  • Judge? In all honesty, to a degree. And yes, I have been likewise judged. A person's chosen occupation can give you an insight into their character. Though it's still but one aspect of the whole person.
  • People may be judging me of my job,But I judge them by their attitude and behavior!
  • Yes a qualified social worker .. and have found in many cases, when it comes to your personal life, people treat you differently. Like being a police officer i would imagine. Its very hard because you dont walk around all the time being a 'social worker', its just something you happen to do for a living. I have been accused many times of not having an opinion of my own but of getting stuff 'out of books'.
  • I'd like to say no, but I know there are a few that I do (i.e. those in the sex industry and career politicians). I know that I have been. I've occasionally seen it on people's faces when they ask what I do. More commonly it's displayed by customers I deal with. Many think it's perfectly fine to treat the pizza girl like crap. I've been talked down to, cussed out, and treated to general rudeness by many a person. I've always wondered if they realize how truly unwise that is.
  • I do judge them..for example, I would look down on a drug pusher, pimp, thief, sexual predator, murderer, crooked politician, shyster lawyer or anyone that lies as part of his/her "job". How about you? Happy Thursday to you! :)
  • I have been judged by what I did on a job. I was a bill collector (secured paper). I was called every name in the book. Yet, I did not sign a contract and go back on it. I also did repossessing. I repo'd cars from dealers that were going under. Although they never said boo to me (I used to dress up to repo cars and the males would stare at legs, not at what I was doing). I always say, it's a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. Anyways, being a bill collector made me pretty effective at fund raising, saying NO to people, keeping my credit straight. It was the best education money can't buy. I do not judge people by what they do. Sometimes people earn money in ways that it is not up to us to judge....
  • Yes. I think it's normal to do so, jobs say a great deal about someone's drive, their values, their abilities.
  • It doesn't matter to me what someone does as long as they do something that doesn't hurt others deliberately or against the law.

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