• I would support your pic
  • Congratulations. Vows are never to be taken lightly.
  • ... count me in, I'll support however I'm able ...
  • I will continue to support you through my prayers and friendship! If I can do more...let me know!
  • Rick, your quest for human enlightenment is aglow, it shines forth, allowing others to see the light, your path is followed, .................:) its well worth the pledge, you do make a difference :)
  • I'll help you Rick, but you seem to be fulfilling your vow. Your caring for others and yourself shows in how you treat people here on AB.
  • 200% support
  • I like how you view the world and the people in it my friend. You are an inspiration. Yes, you have all my support pal!
  • Does that come w free cigarettes? ;)jk I hope you manage to see the world in a new and happy light, each day. I personally have no intention of doing that, that kind of clear enlightenment just doesn't seem possible. I don't know many people who reach a point of being clear from all of life's aggravations. In fact, the only people I know who sense alittle of that kind of peaceful structure, are ones who escaped death like beat a cancer or survived an accident...but even then, they have moments of being real and letting out a few foul words of disappointment or anger. Good luck to you! :)
  • Sure, Rick I am with you all the way!
  • Rooten tooten Rickster...Count me in.
  • It sounds noble, but what exactly do you mean by that?
  • Of course. Can you share the specific words of that vow my friend? Perhaps some of us can follow your lead. :) ((hugs))
  • Yes. I may be a big mouthed redhead but I try to do the same. A smile or a thoughtful look makes my day.
  • I would certainly support the CAUSE, however whether or not I could, in good conscience, support YOU depends on how you plan to go about sprading enlightenment and happiness. For instance, if you wished to acheive your goal by forcing children into Buddhist camps or by exterminating Jews, or something like that, I couldn't support you. Ok, obviously those are extreme and absurd examples, but the point is you can have great intentions but still close minds and cause misery. If you are basing your actions on a humanist utilitarian ethic I am behind you, otherwise my support is provisional.
  • A noble endeavor. My best wishes are with you. How is that going for you?

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