• Defeat, no Run away from, YES
  • Yeah! of course. earlier, I was much suffering from negative forces. However, with continued struggles now I am in such position that negative forces are afaid of me.
  • Whatever you call 'negative forces' I'm gonna assume that it's shit luck, shit happens, bad luck or whatever and answer in that spirit and that would be NOOOOOOOOO! And, I wish I could figure out a way to exorcise those demons that have caused, are causing and continue to cause such havoc in my life like why is it that every time I stand in line at a supermarket cash register, without fail, it has to be an old lady with a pocketbook full of change or someone paying with a check or a wife with a husband who's holding the money and got lost in the store or an item without a price? Arrrrrgggg!
  • Afraid not. They're always there and see to keep coming back stronger time and time again.
  • I've been holding them at bay by choice.
  • 100% through prayer; meditation and years of training
  • It is choices we all make every day . . . what to think in our minds. I make a constant effort to be positive. I believe in "The Secret," and believe it has been given to us as a road to happiness.
  • I don't let negativity into my life or my mind if I can help it. But it does take some work as I was a born worrier LOL!!!
  • Some, but i live with a few and have a few of my own.
  • I have conquered quite a few of them. I'm still learning though and growing.
  • I'm not aware of negatives forces as being outside myself my friend. I have made some very good choices and some that weren't too hot. I learned and grew and things got better. But I don't blame anything outside myself. Things happen..serendipity/synchronicity/bad luck/bad timing. It's not me against the evil forces out to do me in. It's me versus me plus whatever "happens". :) ((hugs))
  • yes for the best part, I continue to grow towards the light and learn more every day, negative forces are perhaps self imagined or entertained, without doubt, age and knowledge take care of some of that ! :)
  • For the most part, yes.
  • DO u teach philosophy or have you ever? your questions are very intense and philosophical:) some of them I dont even understand LOL anyways this one is a good one, um ya , i "try" to defreat negaative forces. for every one that couild be a different thing....for some it could be a bad habit, a resolution they need to stick to, being a better person, getting rid of negative people in one's life, learning to be more patient, be a better parent or spouse ect. I think we all struggle with this every day in some form or another. Some things are negative forces that are OUT of our control, say a terminal illness or loss of someone, but we can try to learn to cope with and accpect these challangles even though they cant be "defeated". But the things that we DO have control over, its great to try and work through them.
  • No.I do like the negative aspect also. That makes me see the logic in this world and creation.As far as defeating the negative forces is concerned, the worldly should defeat them!
  • Defeat, no, for it is by the negative that we realize the positive. It is balance which I seek. I am able to find it most days, but there are times it is nearly impossible.
  • Negative forces are considered evil spirits that entrap people. (Isaiah 42:7) I have defeated most negative forces through prayer and by reading the Bible.
  • I don't have negative forces in my life.

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