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  • That's really not much of an age difference at your ages. You're both mature and I'm sure know what you want at this point. If you found someone you love and you're happy ... good for you. 4+
  • well I'm not likely to date a 45 year old... but that is just me... I prefer younger women some guys prefer older. what ever floats your boat. OH WAIT, this is in gay catigory... should be just fine regardless
  • Age has nothing to do with a relationship. It's more about where you are in life and your maturity levels. I wish you all the best!
  • You're both in the same stage of life, that nullifies any age difference.
  • I do, sorry. Get in touch with your 30 y.o. self and ask her. The 30's is a decade of big changes in a person, it essentially takes one from 29 to 40.
  • I'm 32, my husband is 46. We met 3 years ago. I think it's a little different for men/women..because men tend to be less mature. But, the whole cougar thing is apparently working for many people, so ultimately if it makes you and him happy...i see nothing wrong with it in the big picture.
  • As long as you both want the same thing, and make a connection, I'd say go for it! You are only as old as you feel. Good luck!
  • If you both likeeach other then no
  • Go for it... that's my advice for what its worth:)
  • you are way good. I dig women older than me. I'm 21, and women in their 30s and 40s shouldn't differ from any other age. Love has no age, keeping it legal;-) lol
  • He's probably too young to have anything meaningful with, but you can have some fun as you are both adults.
  • I'm currently seeing a woman 35 years younger than I so I seee no reason you shouldn't go for it. Just remember that when he's 54 (age Bill Gates currently is) and looking at 30 year olds you'll fretting about Medicare and be 70!
  • age just a number . if ya threwly like this person it souldnt matter.
  • I am 60 and a 19 year old and I (not a sugar daddy) are in and have been in a loving relationship for some time. The last relationship I had lasted 20 yrs. until he was killed in a car accident! The question is are you mature enough
  • You must have concerns or you wouldn't be asking us. It's your relationship and how you feel is the only important opinion.
  • NO; you are not too old or he, too young .... A relationship comes from the heart and mind ; NOT from a birth certificate showing your age .... I've always been with considerably YOUNGER and they worked well. The shortest was 2 1/2 years and my longest relationship was Five years .... Ya' only live once .. Take advantage of life while you can ...
  • "Ah! Most likely he's a player and wants your money!!Don't be a Cougar!!"
  • Why would you worry about that. age is a number. who cares... its all about how you feel about each other. if there is a connection go with it... my boyfriend it 4 years older then me. no problem. not a big gap, but it is a gap.. he's been married and had kids.. no worries... its about mind set.. enjoy it and don't worry..
  • age is just a number. dont worry about what other people think b/c its only about what the both of you think. Duh :P
  • WHY?I dated a 46 yr old at 32,we stayed together for over 3 years.SHE had the hang up with the age thing,,If you like him,he likes you,,who's to say it's wrong,,,except you!
  • You're 46? And a question like this? 30, then, is too mature for you.
  • He's too young, I'm affraid when he's 40 (as the midlife crisis usually hits) his sexuality is in peak and there will be a litle problem occurs. I'm just being realistic, too many cases married man at 40's are the most who have affair or sexual relationship beyond their marriage.
  • If you are happy together and can both feel comfortable with the difference I do not see it is anyone elses business.
  • age dont matter, if you are happy with him and he's happy with you go for it be with has no age limit
  • I am sixty and my lover is 25! We are happily together for 6 months now! Love is important not age. By the way he works for a living and we share all expenses!
  • my boyfriend is 16 years older than me and we've been together 5 yrs now, and he's 45. It could work.
  • I do. You might be happy for couple years perhaps, but after a while thing will change you will have to work hard to make the relationship work. Men experience midife crisis at 40's and you are already way too old. I'm afraid he will be tempted to have extra adventure outside your relationship. For this moment I guess he's excited to have someone who mature enough that give him less headache than if he date same age girl.
  • You are both adults. If you get along well, "connect very well," and have a lot of things in common, age shouldn't matter. If you're happy together, who cares?
  • It really doesn't matter as long as both of you are happy. I'm 26 and my lover is 31 and believe me, it feels like I'm with a 12/yo and I'm so misserable.
  • While there can be some major differences between age gaps, I think it is more dependent upon the individuals. Ok, so you each grew up hearing different music, maybe wearing different styles of clothes and driving different what? If you both feel a deep connection and not just sexual attraction, then you can find a way to make it work. If you ONLY had an interest in younger men...and I'm thinking a lot younger than this guy, maybe in their 20's I'd ask, "Are you a chicken hawk?" But, if it is his personality, his spirit that moves you the most...then I'd say you have a caring heart. If he targets older men that he might believe would or could "keep him in the style he would like to become accustom to, then I'd think he was a user. But if he works for a living, pulls his own weight, contributes in normal and reasonable ways to support you both creating a happy, comfortable life (if you reach a point where you might consider moving in together) then I would think he has a growing love for you too! Life is too short over all to worry about the little things....Love, Respect, Honesty, Integrity, Laughter, always wanting to support the best or better for each other's goals and dreams...those are the things that matter least to me.
  • As long as the connection is there and the two of you are happy that's all that matters. I'm currently in a relationship with a guy who's 19 and I'm 36. We've been together for over a year and we have the best of time together. He works and he always chips in. He let's me know that he can pull his weight in this relationship and doesn't expect me to pay for everything just because I have a good career and make more money then him. We're going on a weeks vacation for my bday next month in July and he's already saving money and helping plan our trip out to Costa Rica. I just wanna lay out on the beach but he wants to do some of the activities the Xandria offers.
  • LIfe is short. time passes very fast. If this makes you happy, then go for it.
  • I wouldn't let it bother ya. As long as you guys love each other, thats all that counts. Love knows no age.
  • I think you should explore the possibilities. You are both adults. Some time to get to know each other will or should answer your questions. I dated a younger man who conveniently ignored the question of his age for the longest time. Then when he was sure I was quite interested he confessed his age telling me that he was sure had he shared his true age I wouldn't have gone out with him. Perhaps he was right. The experience changed my ideas about how much age mattered in an adult relationship. We spent three great years together and are still good friends. I say go for it.
  • I know an extremer couple: he's 18, she's 36. And they'r happy. Don't borther.
  • Sounds like you are both just right. What do you have to lose? Go for it.
  • I am totally qualified to answer this question because my wife is 8-years older than me. But, that is OK because statistically, women live 8-years longer than men. But that is not why we got married. I am just throwing that out there. Now, my wife and I love each other very much. Since we got married, she has become my best friend. I can talk to her about anything. We share many common interest. We are perfect, together. Now, would I like it if she was younger than me, so it would go along with societies view of what husband and wife should be. That would be nice, but if you wait to find the "perfect" spouse, you will be waiting a long, long, time. Now, if you are worried about what other people think, then you are letting other people run your life. Don't do that! I am white, my wife is black. Out here in California no one gives us a second glance. But, in the south, where she is from, people would stop and stare- and we do our best to stay out of Alabama!
  • I don't think age is a trully an issue. my partner and myself have 112 years age different. we are both happy and comfort with that!
  • so long as your BOTH happy go for it!!!, your both adults so there is no problem at all
  • Funny, I am 21 and my boyfriend is 37! Exactly 16 years apart! We are very happy together! Age difference has never once been an issue with us!
  • you are old enough to be his mother.... the shrink would shrug her shoulders and say it's no big deal. you'll die about the same time. that's a good thing. no, didn't mean dying was a good thing. what i meant was ------ you won't be despondent for years. does that make sense? to me it does. later...........
  • No not at all. I once you past age 25...age ain't nothin but a number when it comes to relationships. Go for it and have fun! +3

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