• well, that would just flat out be a spoiler, but I'll give you some hints....There are 3 endings: normal, good, and perfect ending. The normal always occurs, whatever amount of completion percentage you have; the good ending occurs when you alter a certain event at the end of Chapter 3 (hint: it's at the end of the Ixion battle, when Yuna's in the Farplane, and you have to press X 4 times after she says "I'm all alone"). This ending adds an extra scene, one that possibly you'd expect; and the perfect ending occurs if you can accumulate 100% completion in one or many games and you alter the event at the end of Chapter 3 (this adds yet another sequence after the good ending). Let's just say the Perfect Ending wasn't quite what I expected....I actually expected more, but anyways, hope this helped!
  • You get 4 different types of endings: 1. Sad ending 2. Normal ending 3. Good ending (personally my favourite) 4. Perfect ending

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