• I'm not just quite sure what I believe about 9/11 anymore. But all the radical Islamic groups jump at the chance to claim that they were the destructionists of infidels as they call us. There have been some incidents that at least 3 radical groups have claimed they are responsible for. Who knows?
  • The video was a poor fake,with OBL wearing a ring -againt his religeon-and having a nose which was about an inch too short. In a previous statement he disavowed any involvement & said it to be a cowardly act,killing women.I believe we may feel confident that he was dead & buried at the time this video was released,having become a liability to the CIA, who had basically been his underlying support for years.
  • Yes I am one of those who believes the US Government was involved in 9/11. Why should the alleged mastermind confess to it now? Simple,he wants to be sentenced to death and die a martyr so he can go to his paradise according to the Qur'an. I don't believe the Israelis/Mossad or whatever were involved in the destruction of the WTC, too many of them died in that same site on 9/11.
  • Because they want to be cooler than all the other terrorists in gitmo.
  • Torture
  • The Al-Qaeda members in Guantanamo do NOT want to be tried, found guilty, and sentenced to rot in prison for umpteen years. There is no PR/recruiting value in that. OTOH, if they proudly claim they are guilty of whatever they are being charged with, they get sentenced to death and get publicly martyred. Full disclosure: I am a 'weak' skeptic of the official 9/11 account. There are just too many aspects of the account that don't fully add up (like how a complex shaped, but structurally fragile, Boeing 757 managed to punch a perfectly circular hole in the Pentagon).
  • Well, I'm not saying that I am convinced yet one way or the other on who was responsible for 9/11. As far as I'm concerned the jury is still out on that one. But radical Islamic terrorists love claiming that they have rattled the "infidels". I have known of incidents where 3 different groups have claimed responsibility for the same thing. And if by mastermind you mean Bin Laden. Right after 9/11 and for a few days he denied having anything to do with it and said only cowards would kill women. Then all of a sudden there is a tape where he claims responsibility for it. I haven't figured it out yet and we may never know for sure. I'm sure there will be theorizing for years to come.
  • How do you explain a plane hitting the pentagon (the most protected building in the world) 40 minutes after the 2nd plane hit the south tower and all of America knew we were under attack? Norman Manetas testimony might answer that: How do you explain 2 planes bringing down 3 steel structured buildings, all in free fall speed? How do you explain multiple explosions being heard and fire fighters on camera saying "we have secondary devices in the building". How about silversteins admission to "pulling" building 7. How do you explain Muhamed shaik (sp?) supposedly pulling a 270 degree turn and dropping a few hundred feet into the pentagon, when people who taught him how to fly said he couldnt even handle a sesna? Most pilots couldnt pull that stunt. AND how do you explain these high ranking military offials who think we dont know the truth behind 9/11? The evidence is there and the evidence is powerful and it should send a chill down the spine of every American. If you honestly want to see a good documentary: This is loose change, final cut.
  • Yes I believe the US Government is responsible. The evidence shows it. Yet there is no evidence of bin ladens involvement. Torture can get you to say anything...
  • A member of the US government approaches 4 individuals and says "An event will occur soon that will change the world, if you admit to having been responsible for this event we will look after you and yours for the rest of your life" chances are they would say yes.
  • Well that is one very stupid conspiracy theory that I have never heard. Are there really people that believe that the US Government blew up the towers. I cannot believe anyone in England would ever think the Government Did the London Bombings . I just find that unbelievable.
  • Long term torture will have a person to admit anything manipulated in the brains. Torture plus brainwashing techniques. Waterboarding is no joke. My 2 cents.
  • I've been reading some the answers here and I find it incredibly sad how absolutely ignorant some people are. It's a sad state of affairs. I'm sorry this is not an answer to the question but I am just truly depressed that there are people who are so entrained in their hate for what the U.S. stands for that they would adopt such vile garbage as a mantra. It's just so sad it's almost funny, but it's not funny. I don't know whether to be mad at them for their stupidity or feel pity for them. Ugghhhhhh.
  • I am the first (ok, maybe not the first, but certainly have no problem) to admit our government is trecherous and has betrayed the people to powers both foreign and domestic... but to do a false flag operation the scope of 9/11 is way beyond what they are capable of... what is more is what would they have to gain? what is more is conspiracy theorists can not even agree. half think our government did 9/11, the other half think we shot down flight 93. IF they had shot down 93 they would have admited to it because the cost of admitting to it would have been nothing, and if they had perpetrated 9/11 the only reason to shoot down 93 would be to seem notinvolved in which case they would have spoken up as soon as they could find a reporter. I agree our government harms it's people expecialy financially... but they don't do so without some benefit to their own goals.
  • i don't believe that the US government or the Israelis perpetrated 911, but the confessions can be easily explained if they were extracted by torture. People will say anything if they think their life is threatened and they can save themselves by telling the torturer what they want to hear. Confessions under torture are worth zilch in my book.
  • After you're isolated and water tortured you will say what ever you think they want to hear! This is why torture is meaningless!
  • No I think he held out Just long enough to make it credible, they say he was only water boarded 4 times before he confessed. I say do sex reassignment surg. then send him to Nv. whorehouse to serve life. or put him in Folsom and let him be used by the trusties.
  • When has a terrorist ever Denied there work?? Terrorists ALWAYS claim what they are responsible for. Its WHY they do it. If they don't its usually because of CIA involvement or some other outside highly secretive and classified source. *IF* this guy actually is guilty (big IF), he probably doesn't even know who he has been working for or where the pay checks originally come from.
  • the same way i explain hundreds of innocent people confessing to witchcraft and dealing with the devil while under the not so tender mercies of the inquisition. i'll tell you something, half an hour alone with you, a blowtorch, a pair of vice grips and some sharp objects and i bet i could get you to confess to being a demon from mars sent by satan to enslave humanity.
  • 4 other what. They did it because they needed a war in the ME, it was no rocket science. 3,000 simple americans, in order to save a thrillion dollar oil dollar trading industry within OPEC. You can be damn sure the government wanted to keep the thrilion dollar industry for the sake of sacrifising 3,000 american's. You think they care? or you think how could they? you think but thats crazy. Yes, it is crazy. They just wiped out a million in Iraq, who had nothing do with any terrorist attack in AMerica whatsoever. Yes it's very very obvious that it does come to the zionists in the US governmetn that did it.
  • U see u haven't actually looked at the facts have you. It was a mass massercre. 1million people are now dead. there were no terrorists. There were no targets. SO many people were targets. They were innocent people. In 2006 the number was 655,000. its well into 2009 and they are still bombing........ Get with reality. It isnt paradise. And stop with the balony of 100,000from us media sources. Bagdad has a a few million. The city is blown to peices FOR FUCK SAKES. Army bases built over the country. The towns ripped up. Schools and public building all blown up. It's fuckng disgusting what your government is doing. Since again you proved to know absaloutely nothing on ths. The reason your country went to war. WAS BECAUSE SADDAM DUMPED THE DOLLAR IN OIL TRADING. IN 2001. AND THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT NEEDED TO ACT QUICKLEY BEFORE OPEC WOULD CHANGE ALSO. IRAQ WAS TRADING IN EURO. SO THEY NEEDED TO GET HIM OUT AND TAKE COUNTROL OF THE OIL INDUSTRY. IT WAS SADDAMS BIGGHEST W.M.DS. BET YOU WILL NEVER HEAR SUCH A SANE SENTENCE LIKE THIS IN YOUR LIFE ON THE WORLD OUTSIDE YOUR COUNTRY FFS. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFE................................................................................... UGH I CANT STAND IGNORANCE.

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