• Enough to effect you eyesight and run your car on.
  • Depends on how many times it has been distilled?
  • Up to 199.8,...which is I think, the strogest you can make any alcohol.
  • There would be no definitive answer for this as moonshine by its nature is not quality controlled, thus the amounts will vary from batch to batch.
  • It varies dependind on who made it and even the specific batch.
  • Unfortunately, I have no answer for your question, but I believe Moonshine should be enough to make any alcoholic re-evaluate their lifestyle. Smelling it makes my stomach flip inside-out.
  • i think it depends. the strength can very, i would say around 100 more or less.
  • I was in the mountains of North Carolina during my 40th birthday and was gifted with a bottle of the real stuff, comically labeled as 'he-man semen.' Thinking it's my birthday and why not?, I took a swig that literally took my breath away and sent my mind reeling. It could have easily been used for paint stipper. I don't know what proof it was but proof enough that one swig will do the trick for a whole evening. I'd never do it again. Well, maybe.:)
  • Good moonshine is 100 proof.
  • That would depend on the still, the ingredients, the fermenting time and the distiller, or moonshiner if you prefer. There cannot be a definate answer to this question as it would probably vary almost as much in each batch as each still
  • The irish version of moonshine is called poitín , its normally about 160 proof or there abouts . link ->
  • for the true answer ... read it and weep ... if i spelt that right ... loll
  • it does vary from batch to batch as others have said. Every now and then here in Tennessee you can still find them making home brew. the good stuff will make you keep your seat after just one 8oz serving.
  • 1,000 proof
  • good corn whiskey should be from 175 to 190 proof is best when consumed extremely cold, straight,and in small doses. CAUTION!!! "shine" must only be consumed while sitting down.if consumed rapidly while standing you will acquire a strong painful headache. this is usually the result of the floor rushing up and contacting your head..
  • 190-200.........XXX..............Works good in my truck. Plus its cost less to make, than it dose to buy.
  • Possibly 80 or less, maybe over 100, up to a maximum of 190. It depends on a number of factors including how many times it's been distilled. XXXX is stronger than XXX or XX. Pure Grain Alcohol, PGA is a fraction of a percent less than 191 proof. The remaining water can be removed by labratory chemicals, which also renders it poisonous. Everclear is 190 proof, legal (in some states), and pure. Moonshine is usually half as strong, can be deadly poisonous, and tastes horrible. why would anyone want to drink that crap anyway? Go to the store and buy something good instead.
  • Moonshine is typically a corn whiskey. It goes through the same process of as a bottle of regular Jim Beam or Jack Daniels which is distilled originally at around 125 proof by law. But the difference is that whiskey will be dilluted with pure water to lower the proof to 80 proof. Moonshine is straight, leaving its original proof (125). Also the more times that alcohol is distilled the more concentration of alcohol is left over. The proof that I would say that moonshine would definitely be above 130 proof and under 199. 200 proof is pure ethanol fuel and not safe for consumption.
  • Proof, by definition is 2 times the %by volume...i.e. 100 proof alcohol is 50% alcohol and 50% of water or whatever else. 150 proof is 75% alcohol and 25% water. I agree with the guy with the He-Man juice... it only takes a lil bit cuz it's hot... but typically if it smells like rubbing alcohol or paint thinner... it's guaranteed to do the trick
  • Depends on the Still and amount of runs. A pot still can get you 190 proof after 2 or 3 runs depending on your setup. A column still will get you 190 on the first run most of the time.

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