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  • That you are just a normal woman. Reasons: A). You r woman who dreamed u were a man who was gay = Even in your dream you want a man. So that proves you are normal B). You want to adopt a little girl in your dream = again it proves you are a normal girl who now wants to be a mother to a girl.
  • If you are of age? have children!
  • This a simple question and I think my answer will be the best.So you are a woman that dreamed of being a man.That means that in a past life ,far or near,you were a single man that had to take care of his daughter.It can mean that you are both a kid and a mature woman when you want it,still searching for yourself under the pressures of society.You think that you were gay in the dream cause you liked other man,well that's normal cause in real life you're a woman so you weren't actually gay.the girl part is kind of freaky but i think it means that you are more attached to your father then to your mom.Either this or you're just in love with this guy that lives at 200 Km or so from your town and really misses you and wants to see you as soon as possible.

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