• Never, there is no need to make others believe what you think, unless you can rationally prove it.
  • No, that would mean I think that my beliefs are the only ones to have .. that's narrow-minded.
  • No. Depending on the conversation I may express my views or keep them to myself. Sometimes I may just plant seeds to get folks thinking of different positions.
  • No, I don't impose my beliefs, I share them.
  • No... I think most people who do try to impose their beliefs on others are primarily insecure. They are not certain if it is right; convincing others that it is makes them feel better about it. They aren't the only ones who believe it. I know in my heart that I am secure in what it is I believe. No one else has to agree with me. I don't need back up. I know my set of beliefs stems from my personal experiences and what knowledge I have acquired. I trust you came upon yours in the same way. Therefore it is needless for me to try to impose. You haven't been where I have. You don't need someone telling you that you are 'wrong'... It isn't helpful to anyone. :D
  • No, but if someone imposes God upon me, I ask them to give me physical proof of God.
  • You can't impose your beliefs on others. You can present them and argue their validity but we all have a filter system in place that filters out anything that we don't believe. However, if proper evidence is presented the filter can be passed. I am probably the most stubborn person on the planet but I have been known to change my mind about something (at least I think so, sometime.)
  • I do try and influence people, yes. I think everyone does, but there comes a point where you have to remember to mind your own business. My personal philosophy towards life is that it would be much better if most people learned how to mind their own business. In fact, I wish people would learn to excel at minding their own business. I know I hate it when someone so much as comes to my door to ask me who I am voting for or if I want to go to their church. What is even more frustrating is when you can tell someone trying to tell you what to think clearly hasn't put enough thought into it to be telling other people what to believe. Personally, I don't care if someone is right or wrong, know enough about what your preaching before you preach it and practice what you preach is what I say.
  • I would like to explain my beliefs through examples and true evidents..!It is individuals decision to accept it or not!
  • I share my beliefs and I try to get other people to evaluate their own, when appropriate.
  •'s annoying.
  • No, but will share if asked.
  • Not if they think the same as
  • never.
  • I won't let anyone impose theirs on me and I have learned that I have to be quick to express mine first. Around here, that's construed as imposing my beliefs on others but, whatever...
  • All of these people need to stop lying so close to Christmas, Santa is watching them. Yes I sure do, I stand for what I believe in and will share my beliefs with anyone anytime any place. Because after all I do believe I am right:)
  • Wow, so many people answered no! Sometimes I do.... It amazes me so many people saying it is wrong then seeing it happen from athiests and religious folks alike in the political process all day everyday! I personally think it would be impossible to live together without imposing our views on each other....maybe we could try living
  • No, not even my lack of beliefs...
  • no cause people have a right to their own beliefs
  • Not ' impose', but ask permission to relay important information...Not all will listen...and J.W's accept that...nothing is forced.
  • No and we should never
  • No and we should never
  • No and we should never
  • No and we should never
  • Nope if anyone asks me I tell them what I believe. Or a discussion is already going on I join in. But some want to argue none the less but the Bible says do not argue.
  • I just share what I know. Luke 19:40 "And He answered and said unto them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out."
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      By this metaphorical quote: a believer must share what he or she knows, rather than being silent.
    • Rick Myres
      But then what would you do if you heard stones (rocks) crying out. Lol I am joking with you too. But. . .
    • Jenny_Rizzo
      I just came across this comment in my email address. The day stones cry is the day the Gospel will cease. The Gospel is Eternal. Therefore, we will never hear stones cry.
  • I do 't ever impose my religious beliefs on anybody Religion should be what people want. Or for that matter choose not to practice a faith I firmly believe in separation of church (religion) and state.
  • Kidding? Only when I need to convert someone!
  • Not " impose" We just let them know...if they want to know... Matthew28:, 19,20

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