• The slam dunk or just the "dunk", was made famous in the 70's, by the legendary Julius "Dr. J" Erving. Actually, there were many other players who could dunk before him, but in those days it was almost considered as a way of insulting your opponent, so nobody dared to do it. The dunk started developing in the other professional basketball-league, ABA, where Erving played for five seasons. When the ABA was closed down in 1976, Erving signed on for the NBA-team Philadelphia 76'ers and brought the dunk with him to the NBA. The dunk became more and more accepted over the years and finally very popular among the spectators. Nowadays the dunk is also an important way to give your team a boost of confidence, to make the opponents respect you or just to show off. SOURCE --- Chick Hearn, is famous for coining the terms "Slam dunk," "air ball," "no harm, no foul," and for broadcasting 3,338 consecutive Lakers games starting in 1965. SOURCE --- The NBA Slam Dunk Contest was first held in 1984. === All that being said, I haven't been able to find a name associated with "slam dunk" other than Dr. J and Chick Hearn.
  • When that question pops up the name you should hear most is George Mikan who was dunking long before Dr. J and considered to most the one who started the basic dunking of the game in the NBA. After that of course Dr. J and others revolutionised the game by adding style and tricks.

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