• Yeah. Often on Ab. Evolutionists take themselves too seriously.
  • Yes, what he is arguing about is ridiculous and I get amused at how he comes to his conclusions.
  • No I do it often and it makes my wife not so's a good thing that we don't have any major blowouts cause that would just be fuel for the fire Laughter is just your way of dealing with that stress or you just think what you are aurguing about is goofy but either way....
  • Not at all. When we realize the futility of it all, we just let off that laughter.It is the easiest way of calming down.Though it may not last for long but that would be half time for you.So back off or just beat the sh.. of the other person.
  • Yes, I have done this and if often bewilders the other person who has not yet come to recognize how ridiculous the argument has become (which you did and that's what made you laugh). It used to derail my spouse and sometimes it would actually make him madder, so be careful...but I didn't mean to have that happen.
  • No you are not the only one. I do it quite frequently. I think it is probably a defense mechanism.
  • It is a natural human response in some serious situations, like when getting into trouble ;0)
  • Oh man! This used to drive my ex nuts!! I have no idea why this happens, sitting there being yelled at & suddanly I just bust out laughing in his face!! Which made it all the worst...
  • Oh yes, when I am very mad and asking someone to explain WHY !!! and all they say seem very shallow and meaningless, I feel like laughing..
  • Many a time. Doesn't help.
  • No I laugh in the middle of arguments. Sometimes I hold it in and sometimes I let it out. Sometimes I laugh when it is not funny just to annoy someone who I don't agree with.
  • Yes. And I do. Each time. Usually that's the end of THAT argument.
  • probably it is a stress-related response, poor dear
  • Sure. Sometimes in order to make your point you say things that are ridiculous..your "opponent" says equally ridiculous things back..then you pause, think about what you just said to each other, and you both start to laugh. Voila. End of argument! :)
  • I try not to argue with anyone. I dont like that flustered hot feeling in my face. I usually only argue with someone if they offend me, otherwise I'm pretty easy going with everything. But I sure do smile a lot in an arguement.. its kind of annoying. haha.
  • Yes! Especially when I was much younger, I used to talk myself into a corner, realize this, and then just crack up. [better than embarrassment, no?] ;-)
  • ...there was this one time. My kid sister an I were yelling at each other and her loose tooth came flying out! O.O

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