• points and attention.. that's all it is. Any normal person would know if you find a pill ask a pharmacist or go to website that can tell you. Strangers cannot tell you. For every drug there is 100 different variations of that drug..How the Heck would we know? I love the people that say "take it and tell us what happened".. I want to LMAO.
  • Would you believe I asked this ( a second after you asked this question?
  • Maybe they came to Answerbag looking for an answer.
  • Meh, whatever, I just ignore them if they bother me.
  • I heard a rumor that some are signaling to dealers that they want certain drugs or the dealers are letting their customers know what they have for sale. It has nothing to do with stupidity or points if the rumors are true.
  • I don't think they ask for points, these questions don't generate alot of points anyways. I think it might be a little laziness and curiosity, I myself only use Answerbag for information because my google search engine is all screwed up, but the person is probably just curious. I also bet some of the people are parents, who found the pill in their kid's room. Asking about pills is not against the rules on Answerbag, there's actually categories and sub categories for such questions, so I doubt you'll put an end to people asking them. If you don't like it, ignore it. And no, I've never heard of the website you're talking about.
  • Points Points points I think thats why it seems like some people are on here 24/7!
  • This is the answer I give them. RxList Pill Identification Tool. You shouldnt let question make you mad like that, just ignore them and go on to the good ones.
  • While I have you here, I have this pill and..........
  • Please realize that these are, most likely, stupid pill-popping teenagers who don't have enough brains to realize that they should be flushing that stuff down the toilet. You don't expect them to have enough common sense or intelligence to go to a web site and look it up, do you?
  • if ur gunna go through more trouble posting a question like that than goin to pill identifier than ur prob dumb enough to just pop it or snort it. hell why don't ya bang it with a rig and find out through experience what it is.
  • I suspect they are unaware. But they probably haven't looked, either.
  • Perhaps they didn't find it on those websites....I didn't.

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