• For example?
  • Recently? Lets over-look the Inquisition, but christians have been judgmental and unkind since the Friday after Good Friday. The first one.
  • When did Christ ever tell His followers to be accepting of everything, free-thinking, or fair? He never gave the lead in that respect. Remember the money changers in the temple. Christ would often tell people after healing them, "Go and sin no more". He didn't suggest that sinning was fine, He could accept it, what with His free-thinking, fair ways.
  • We have. So many Christians have become judgmental, too judgmental. Instead of sharing our beliefs we try to force them on people. We are also guilty of letting only the "appealing" characteristics of God be known. This has been used as a tool against us. How many times have you heard nonbelievers say, 'I thought your God was a God of love? How can a being that is supposed to be love be capable of genocide..blah blah blah." We must let all God's characteristics be known. It's not all rainbows and sea-partings. We do need to be more "Christ-like." We need to be the example and show people how to ask Jesus into their hearts and obey to God's will instead of their own.
  • Religions are more like similar interest groups now, they're not very religious. I mean that in the sense that, nobody (okay, not nobody) follows their religion, "religiously". Man, I train and diet more religiously than some people follow their religions.
  • People use religion, like they do politics, as a platform for their intolerant beliefs system. They tend to morph the bible to fit their agenda. If these specific Christians even read the bible theyd understand that Jesus was never this hateful. Most of the Christians I know are good people, but because its a big religion there are tons that aren't. Jesus said hate the SIN not the "sinner" and that all sins are the same (including being judgemental/hateful). People dont practice what they preach, and unfortunately, that includes many leaders in the church. Mind you, Not all Christians are this way. But this is *my* reasoning for way the church and other religons are going downhill.
  • i definitely don't think this applies to all people who call themselves Christians, but you have to remember that everyone is human. Jesus set a very high standard, so we should try not to judge others for their shortcomings. we all fall short of the mark, the point is to try (and some people don't try as hard as they can).
  • Many think they are really good and become judgmental of others. They forget that passage which states, "Judge not least you be judged." We call them the "Holier that thous." Of course that is also judgmental. LOL
  • When did Christ accept sin? And when did He advocate free-thinking??? As to fairness, maybe you'd better reread the parable of the man who hired workers all throughout the day, then paid them all THE SAME regardless of how much work they did. As to loving and caring, who said we weren't? How many atheist organizations feed the poor and house children and the homeless?
  • It's true this is pretty common place in Christianity, but this is human nature to be this way, however, Christians are called to be like Christ, but this is a large part of the Culture that has been created in the North American Chruch today... in many modern cultures throughout the world where Christians are being killed simply because they believe the way they do, they are most unlike the N.A. church, they are accepting, loving, caring, free-thinking, or fair to human kind and the great need to love thier fellow man What we have adopted in N.A. church is the way of the Catholic church of ole' when is was out to get money and that is how you "bought" God's favor, give money and God will bless you...there is a point of giving, but not the way they manipulate it into now Now many N.A. Christians live to please God with thier money, and not being obedient to the commands that were given them...I'm sure there are many contributing factors to this question but I believe this plays a major role
  • "The problem with Christianity is not that it has been tried and found wanting, but that it has been found difficult, and left untried." ---G.K. Chesterton Christianity is not an easy life to lead. Our sinful nature, our fleshly desires, are in a constant battle with our spiritual nature. The spirit indeed is willing but the flesh is weak. It's not always easy to be Christ-like all the time. We stumble and fall from time to time and resort to our sinful base self. Many people feel just because a person is a Christian, they have to be and act in a perfect manner at all times but we cannot. That is why Jesus died for our sins that we may have eternal life. He knew it would be impossible to make it to heaven on our own. Christians may be saved but they are far from perfect. This world, with all of it's appeal to the flesh is a very strong temptation and must be battled on a second to second basis and if our eyes are taken from Jesus for a prolonged period of time, Christians sometimes become un Christ-like. The unbelievers of the world feel that Christians need to act in a perfect manner at all times but just because we are saved doesn't mean that we are perfect, God alone is perfect. Being a Christian of near 34 years, I have learned through hardships how to keep my eyes on Jesus and how to say no to sin. Do I still sin? of course but it's no longer a habit.
  • The problem is churches. They preach doctrine, and only what scripture that can be made to appear to support their doctrine. Who would Jesus hate?
  • Pardon me, but what's with the "we" and "we're" stuff!?! I think if you look around at true Christian friends and associates, you'll find far more who at least TRY to live "Christ-like" than not. Maybe you should stop paying too much attention to devisive liberal media stuff.
  • At the moment of conversion, the Christian receives a new nature. It is instantaneous. Sanctification, on the other hand, is the process by which God develops our new nature, enabling us to grow into more holiness through time. This is a continuous process with many victories and defeats as the new nature battles with the “tent” in which it resides—the old man, old nature, flesh. In Romans 7, Paul explains the battle that rages continually in even the most spiritually mature people. He laments that he does what he doesn’t want to do and, in fact, does the evil he detests. He says that is the result of “sin living in me” (Romans 7:20). He delights in God’s law according to his “inner being,” but he sees another law at work in “the members of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within my members” (v. 23). Here is the classic example of the two entities, whatever terms they may carry. The point is that the battle is real, and it is one Christians will wage throughout their lives. This is why believers are encouraged to put to death the deeds of the body (Romans 8:13), to put to death that which makes a Christian sin (Colossians 3:5), and to put aside other sins such as anger, wrath, malice, etc. (Colossians 3:8). All this to say that the Christian has just one true nature, but that nature needs continual renewing (Colossians 3:10). This renewing, of course, is a lifetime process for the Christian. Even though the battle for sin is constant, we are no longer under the control of sin (Romans 6:6). Always striving to be Christ-like is no guarantee that we will always be successful.
  • ain't supposed to say that! You're supposed to pretend that you don't notice, keep living your life any which way you please but telling others how to live their live according to the way you interprete Bible and think they should live
  • Because of all the different interpretations on what "Christ-like" is... Its religion and the people that require it that ruined the bible. Sounds like the Devils greatest plot to undermine the whole shebang worked rather nicely. Otherwise, the bible is chock full of Axiom and life lessons that apply to everyone and without Christians to screw it all up... Christianity, as in the study of Christ... is rather useful as an example!
  • We would like to live up to that standard, but when looking at how the Politicians and Legislatures have been acting for the last 20 years, we feel that being crooked,cheating and perverted, must mean that is the way to go, as wrong as that is.
  • I lay this squarely at the feet of our pastors, teachers and evangelists. They mislead and misinform the people. "Where there is no vision, the people perish!"
  • So much so that we non-christians HATE you for being judgmental, over-bearing, neo-conservative, unkind, insensitive, and political. It's like this. If I hear, "Oh, you shouldn't do that. It isn't christian," then I do it twice. You guys are just like PETA
  • We are not perfect and that is not an excuse to sin. We are forgiven and the journey in being a Christian starts with the salvation and as we yield more to Him we are going to be santified. Its a process and we are still going thru healing in our life(emotional) . I know because I carried around unforgiveness towards people in my life as I let go and forgave I became free . Then I could be a better example for him to others. When we are truly born again we will have signs of change instantly . We see the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our life. Truly a christian will bear the likeness of Christ. But take in mind that we still are shedding the old thinking by the word and having our minds renewed. Pray for those you see that way you speak about here and ask God to help them to be more like him.

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