• My boss is a Financial Advisor because he operates multiple businesses. It's a great idea to get the input, and I know for a fact he is incredibly helpful. I am not recommending him personally, of course, since he isn't local. But I would say that online can be a great way to find a great financial advisor. Many know how to utilize the Internet as a necessary tool, considering the Yellow Pages is becoming extinct.
  • The best way is to find someone highly recommended by someone you trust. There are hundreds in the phone book and many DON'T know what they're doing. And find one that isn't selling you anything. If they have something to sell, amazingly that will become something that they feel is BEST for you...(right)...
  • They can be called financial planners, my mum was a top one for a while, i think there should be free services around, good luck ;0)
  • 5-2-2017 To assess a financial planner you need to know the business well enough that you don't need his services. Take ECON 101 at the local college and ask the professor what other classes to take. Keep studying until you don't need any advice from anybody. That will be the best investment you will ever make.
  • Ask them if they are a 'fiduciary'......just a big word that means they have YOUR interest in mind, and that they're not trying to sell you something they get commissions on!! I use fee unless I ask her to do a report or research on something.........I did buy a CD from her from some money I had, but there was no pressure, etc..... JUST REMEMBER TO ASK 'ARE YOU A FIDUCIARY?" IF YOU get an odd look, or they downplay how important it is, LEAVE!!!!

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