• no it will keep you up all night, stop at least 4 hrs before bed
  • Depends on who you listen to. Some say it will tire you out and make you sleep better. Others say it will keep you from sleeping. It probably varies with each individual.
  • I find that I'm okay if I exercise at least 2 hours before bedtime. Otherwise, I find it keeps me from falling asleep.
  • Exercise is good no matter when you do it. It is an individual matter of when is good for you.
  • Oooh! Yes---yes-----------------YES!! :o)
  • Exercise is best early in the morning. It boosts metabolism and has been proven to be the most effective time of day. I have read studies that exercise is prudent up until several hours before bed. Because exercise tends to wake up the body, chemically and otherwise, it is not recommended to exercise right before going to bed.
  • Not just before bed as it gets the body 'going' too much and it may be hard to come down from that and feel sleepy. Your body might be weary, but not your mind and circulation.
  • No. It would be excellent to do some stretching exercises just after getting out of bed. However the act of love, whenever possible, just before going to sleep on the bed itself is a good enough exercise that induces good deep sleep.
  • I meditate and exercise before having dinner. But I think it doesn't matter when you do it. you can do whenever you feel like.
  • Excise is good whether it is right before, after or .. ... bed. lol
  • Well i play lacrosse and baseball, and both my coaches tell me that if you exercise before going to bed it speeds up your metabolism so you burn more calories while your sleeping.
  • I take 5 minutes out of every hour, and just stretch out my body. I don't care if I'm watching t.v. or what. During commercials, I either stretch, jog in place, or jump rope. The idea here is to get your blood circulating. Do these during the day to, as soon as I take, a break from something I'm doing. I love the hula hoop.
  • I've heard just the opposite, at least in promoting sleep? ;-)
  • No! It gets your body "pumped" and brain "stimulated" and that's NOT conducive to sleep! You want your body "relaxed" and brain sleepy; NOT revved!

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