• Some do and some don't. I try to do that. How are you?
  • I use the reciprocal system, if you rate me, I'll rate you back, if you don't, I won't
  • I think some people just forget.
  • Sometimes they do and sometime they do not. Sometimes you get points a year later too. The best way to enjoy is to not worry about the point so much, enjoy the interaction and sharing of collective knowledge. You can see many various perspectives here on AB.
  • I think people just genuinely forget! : )
  • please let me know if you ever figure it out
  • Some people just forget or are off site and now with the limited five pages of feedback when they return they miss the postings. I am sure this has happened with me. If I have missed rating any answers i would be grateful for a nudge in the right direction. Some people just ask questions to gain points and never bother to go back to read the answers. Hopefully this is becoming more rare.
  • some are lazy, some don't care. some do forget and some just expect you to give them points but that it's not their place to give points. Some people on here still think you can "buy things" with your points (saw a question about it) so maybe they think if they give you 5 points they will lose 5 points and lose that "prize".. I think it's they just don't care.
  • Theres lots of reasons. Some people dont even know they can give points, or what the point system is. New users that just need to be told, "Give us points" !!! Some people forget , and some do it intentionally. No worries, the points will always come from me, even if I am a few days behind! ☺

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