• Thinking - that's exercise for the brain
  • reading a book
  • Actually, exercise. It's been proven to boost memory even ^_^
  • I have heard doing simple math can help keep your brain sharp because it requires both left/right brain activity. So is playing a musical instrument. Learning new things is also a great way to stay sharp.
  • Just use it on a day to day basis!! Do stuff that requires though!! Cuz thinking is how u use ur brain!! Get those books with all sorts of puzzles!! They are challenging and kinda fun at times!!
  • Exercising the brain. Try and use the brain by remembering your shopping list, telephone numbers of friends playing memory games, solving puzzles and basically stimulating the brain.
  • Stop using answerbag...
  • Some of those brain games for the Nintendo DS
  • Anything that makes you THINK: Puzzles (jigsaw, crossword, cryptoquotes, sudoku, and more) Board games (Those that use strategy or make you think, like chess, checkers, Risk, Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Sequence, Scrabble) Card games (where you need to figure odds or build upon some gaming strategy, like Poler, Euchre, Hearts/Spades, Uno) Designing something to build (bookcases, cabinets, house, toys, etc.) Reading books that entertain or challenge Pick a subject and study it, either on your own or formally. Get in the habit of doing math in your head. (Figure out your change before the cashier at the store give it to you, calculate milage for you car, add up the prices of your shopping items as you shop) Some video games which require intellectual input (games which required searching for clues, spatial perceptions, knowledge of mathematics or current events)
  • Mental exercises for brain as physical exercises for muscles.
  • Ginko Biloba is the best thing I know of. And, actually, exercise boosts both the brain and the muscles.
  • Solving riddles / brain teasers regularly, and consuming Omega 3. EAT FISH! :)
  • Use it or lose it! Keep on learning, drive new routes, notice lifes small pleasures ;0)
  • I'm in favor of using it. Crossword puzzles, reading, being actively engaged on the internet on a daily basis..these things help keep one's brain alive, and vibrant. Jim plays tennis, golf and builds things in his workshop..all require being actively engaged in thinking..planning, projecting, envisioning, a lot forces one to pay attention to what is going on..if your brain is not engaged chaos will be the result. Eating healthy food, getting exercise, having a positive attitude, being optimistic..all of these things are good "medicine" for the brain! :)

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