• i dont currently work, so i will go in the context of my last job... Provide more flexibility for staff Higher rate of pay for less hours and perhaps making the workplace less stressful where possible
  • Equality. To make sure each employee is treated equally and fairly. Unions. Make it where employees will love to come to work by good working conditions, salary, benefits and pension plans. no need for a union. Safety. For the public, for fellow co-workers and a workmans compensation plan that everyone can live with. This may all just be a dream, but after all, you did ask the question.
  • Nothing...the company is a company that can survive the current "R" we are going through, helps people, helps other business' and helps themselves. We grew over 70% year over year for revenue which is typically unheard of in our business...which if you ask...I cant tell anyway!!
  • Haha, I am the boss. I would change pay rates, they need to be much higher. The cost of living is out of control! I would have insurance for part time help, they need, and deserve it! And I would form a daycare, so people don't have to worry, or run all over dropping them off and picking them up! Happy people are happy employees. Yes I am the boss, I also have a boss!
  • Flex Time Longer vacations 4 day weeks
  • I wud, change this First,I dont like the chairs at all, it's hard and pains me a lot Second, I wud definitely gaven a dancing platform in the parking lot, where everyone wud been givem 1 hour break to dance, make it compulsory and, third, free car to everyone
  • 1. restore basic employee benefits (vacations, insurance, sick days, over-time when needed, free employee feed) 2. perform preventative maintenance on all hotel equipment (so guests don't suffer from closed pool, non working elevators, non working laundry equipment, faulty plumbing, non functional heating/AC, leaks, sliding doors that close on people, etc, etc, etc) 3. Improve guest facilities (business center, in room internet connections, in room television channel selection, pay-per-view movie selection, rentable dvd/vhs tape players, food selection and service in on site resteraunt, exercise equipment in fitness center, etc) I work at a hotel that operates like a cheep, third rate no tell motel. and this was before the economy crashed. the elevators? it's not a question of if they will break down, but when this week. business center? user friendly as a rabid pit bull, 9 times out of ten the printer won't print, the "Kiosk" program won't allow just about anything and the srceen faces a window to the hallway allowing anyone to look over your shoulder as you try to enter your password to what ever site you are using, i say try because most often you won't be able to. employees are miserable, we get paid for the hours worked upto 80 per pay period, and thats it. no benefits, no insurance, no vacation, no sick leave, nothing. you work till you die then you get replaced. well thats kind of cool since the laundry worker did die... and he was replaced with a russian who speaks zero english... come to think of it i haven't seem him in a few days either.

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