• That happens to me right before I vomit. Maybe you're coming down with something.
  • you could have a ear infection. You could have a bad tooth that is causing it. If you get up too fast, you can have a drop in BP and that can cause it also but it shouldn't last 45 minutes. If you get nauseous I would say it's probably an ear infection.. I would see a MD if it doesn't get better
  • Have you checked your blood pressure?
  • It sounds like you have an inner ear infection which can be caused by a virus. I've googled it and take a look at this page See your doctor if your symptoms persist longer than 24 hrs.
  • weed & liquor :) together :)
  • Did you stand up fast? Blood Sugar low? If it don't get better, seek medical attention, we don't want you to miss a minute of AB time. We need you here.
  • If this feeling persists, go to your local ER.
  • Lack of sleep Low blood sugar Low blood pressure, particularly postural hypo-tension Incoming Migraine Inner ear disturbance (viral or bacterial) Allergic Reaction to Medication Drug interaction
  • Lack of food or sleep.
  • That happens to me when I don't eat enough, have any sugar, or not enough water.
  • That could be due to the secondary action of some medicines which you have taken.
  • Even though it has been a while, I will answer anyways, hehe, possibly: low blood sugar/didn't eat on time or didn't eat enough dehydration medication side effects low blood pressure pot or alcoholic drinks/other drugs anxiety/nerves And a million other possibilities.
  • there could be a large number of factors or reasons for your fatigue. (just to be an example, a long time ago i stopped using any type of pill or medication for headaches or simple aches and pains, and instead tricked my body to react to fatigue as just a need for water! yes H2O which hydrates me and relieves me of my headache pretty much instantly.) If i were having headaches or dizziness thats what i would do re-hydrate the best i can. and eat something nutritional. As far as the clues you gave again it could be so many things obvious or not obvious. Try drinking a steady supply of water (if you can alkaline water, best for your body and is not acidic like regular tap or bottled water which is not great for your body in the long run.) i have a simple alkaline recipe if you want it. But again vague question, so hydrate and eat would be my best advice, if the pain or discomfort persist then find a doctor to assess the situation further. there is no shame in going to a doctor to find out whats wrong, that's what their there for and if there is something seriously wrong that is showing early signs of problems then you can address the issue early and you dont have any what ifs! one other subtle thing i can think of is Morning Sickeness, dear that is not subtle but early signs of pregnancy.
  • not sure but maybe you should go to the er if thats whats going on

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