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  • maybe it had something to do with the in-laws moving in and making themselves at home by walking around naked.
  • Simple. Their partners are not their in-laws... well, hopefully they aren't anyway.
  • Sometimes one of the things they have in common with their partner is a dislike of their parents.
  • Maybe because only our own parents can treat us the way we see our in-laws treating us. And it took us a long time of getting used to our parents. What's their role. Are they just in-laws?...or are they mom and dad??
  • It is very much possible. It the partner the someone loved. Not the parents. The partner could easily have developed a completely different personality inspite of the parents. The parents could have continued with their own old personalities.
  • Well in my parents' case it's cause my grandmother called my mother the spawn of the devil and told her to stay away from her son. Seems like a good reason not to like the in-laws to me. You aren't dating the in-laws. You don't have to like them
  • oh so eazy
  • It's very easy.
  • Well from experience! My mother in law drives me right off the deep end sometimes. but inspite of all the things she has done. It makes me love her son even more cuz I know she is only affraid that I am taking her son away from her. Cuz now he listens to me and not her as much anymore. So its just her being insecure or whatever!! but I know deep down its not really directed at me. Whats that saying kill them with So all in all its easy to love your partner no matter your relationship with the in-laws.
  • I guess because most men are mamas boys!!
  • Because the in-laws aren't who u love
  • Sometimes in-laws make that pretty easy to do.
  • Easy, the in-laws are not the partner. One thing has nothing to do with the other
  • Despise is a very strong word. Here are two reasons In-laws are very rude and make his/her life miserable The "someone" is very possessive and doesn't want to share the loved one with others,especially family If the partner is close to his/her family, this relationship is doomed. :(
  • The bond which you create with your s/o undo's the bond which the s/o had with the parents, that creates unstability and hence the friction!
  • This is like buying a brand new car, that has bald tires. Sometimes you have to take the good with the bad. We have all experienced this. If your partner is worth it, you will learn how to contend with her/his parents.
  • In laws are not always the easiest of people but you love your partner therefore it shouldn't matter as long as you can remain courteous.
  • Either the in-laws have screwed over the person, or the person is trying to isolate the partner...typical ploy of control freaks. First the in-laws get shut out, then friends, then anyone left.

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