• Stick with what she preferred while her husband was alive. Her name and title don't change until she remarries or choses to change it.
  • 'When a wife's husband dies' - why is this striking my funny bone so?
  • If shes a friend, I would just use her name. I.e Mary Smith. If she is just an aquaintance and I am sending the card out of respect. I would use Mrs. Mary Smith
  • I would address it as I did before her husband passed. I wondered something like this once, and noticed when I received something back from her, she used the same as she always did, Mrs. Bob Smith, on the return address.
  • Traditionally, widowed women go by their own names ("Mary"), not their husbands' ("Bob"), so she'd be addressed as "Mrs. Mary Smith." About "Mrs" vs. "Ms," go with whichever one she preferred before her husband died, but it's unlikely she'll have changed her preference. If she expresses a preference, no matter what it is, go with that. I believe people have the right to be called by whatever names they prefer, customs be damned.

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