• perhaps the person holding you down represents a situation that you do not think that you can get yourself out of that you need to get out of.
  • Lack of belief you've control over a situation in your life?
  • dreaming can be a funny thing all together all I can say is that I just had a dream like that It was an out of body experience and I hate it. All I can say is pray that it won't happen again this is not the first trime that this happened to me I know how you feel.
  • This happened to me lastnight and i was scared to death!! I dreamt a man was standing over me holding down my head and my legs - when i tried to scream for help but it was almost as if he had taken my voice away and wouldnt let me. I woke up and my head was tingling as if he really had been holding me down and he really was there. I dont know what this means but it has distrubed me somewhat. However i will say in my life at the moment im in a difficult situation that i feel i have no control over, so it might be linked to that, although i dont understand why a man would have to creep up on me and scare the living hell out of me?!
  • It could mean that you feel trapped about something in your life. Try this website:

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