• Lay down on your side (have a towel nearby). Pour peroxide solution (either half and half peroxide and water, or for worse buildups, 100% peroxide)into your ear and lay there letting it bubble for at least five min. then flip over with your ear on the pillow and let your ear drain for a while. repeat if needed.
  • Olive oil is the most effective thing I've ever tried -and I've tried everything. A few drops in the affected ear, held in place with cotton wool dipped in vaseline. Works over a couple of days, but doesn't cause any aggravation. I was deeply sceptical and wanted something more chemical, but it truly worked :)
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      That's interesting.
  • that sounds so nasty, They make an ear wax removal kit sold at any Pharmacy. Dont try home remedies, They could cause permenant injury
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      I did the hydrogen peroxide thing on a few occasions that worked quite well and safe
  • ear candels!!! There is a spa here in my home town that actualy does ear candals and pressure point massage to work the earwax out of your ear!!!
  • go to the store and buy some Q-Tips!!!!
  • heat the head, the wax pours out, you make candles, sell them at the craft show, retire rich.
  • NEVER use q-tips. I see so many patients a day that use them and they are pushing the wax back inside their ear without realizing it. You could use a mixture of peroxide and water (cap of peroxide in a cup of water) and flush your ear with the mixture with a needle-less syringe. There is also a great product available over the counter called cerumen-X. You just put a couple drops in your ears and voila!!!
  • There is a product you can buy and i think its called Audiclear or Audiclean thats ment to be good:)
  • Make an appointment with your doctor. The ear is not something you want to take chances with. Do not try any of the home remedies suggested here without asking your doctor first.
  • I used to think an "ear candle" was the way to go. (I've had great success in the past.) Turns out it's very dangerous and can even cause permanent hearing loss. The Dr. told me to mix hydrogen peroxide and warm water and earigate (Get it?) the problem ear.
  • Thank you all. Very helpful!
  • An examination by one's primary care physician is advisable to determine if the cause is disease or injury. If the exam is: 1. positive, i.e., disease or injury is present, or, 2. negative, but the condition persists, an exam by an otorynolaryngologist is highly recommended. If no disease or injury exists, to the best of my knowledge, those in the health care field recommend not removng ordinary ear wax.
  • Peroxide will boil out ear wax, but is also strong enough to remove skin over time so use it in moderation. Q-tips can also easily damage the ear. Mineral oil is good, coconut oil is antibiotic.

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