• off i always proofread my questions.... it's a good idea. no... i like the convenience of a credit card and don't like dealing with cash.
  • Yes - only buy what you can afford! If you do not like paying with cash then use a debit card - that way the money comes directly from your account and you are not paying HUGE interest rates
  • I'm confused by your question by, how could be free of debt ever be a bad thing? Unless, of course, you like to live on the edge and be at the mercy of debt collectors
  • what.... and depress the economy even further? No more buying = fewer cashiers , fewer sales personnel, fewer manufacturing jobs, etc., etc. In the short term, you will be further ahead, but more people will be unemployed and collecting benefits which have to be paid for somehow, more bankruptcies, etc.
  • That's my method!!!!!
  • I buy things I can afford, with a credit card, then pay off the next month so I don't ever have to pay a finance charge. That way I don't have to carry cash to cover an sale item I stumbed across, and I have a credit card to help keep my credit score up there.. your score actually goes down if you don't have enough credit history.

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